Who Should You Send Flower Gifts to During the Holidays?

Monday, December 21, 2020

The holidays are an important time for gift giving, especially these holidays. Even with the holidays approaching, it may be unsafe to see many people, But that doesn’t mean you can’t send gifts this holiday season. Show the people in your life you care by sending them flowers this year.

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Who Needs Flowers This Holiday Season?

Now, you may be wondering who you should send flowers to during the holidays. We have the answer for you.

Flowers are actually a great gift for anyone in your life. You may just want to mix up the type of flowers you give to each person. Let’s look at the categories of flower recipients one at a time.

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Perfect Holiday Pair


First of all, there is your family. Sending flowers to your family during the holidays is a no-brainer, you likely know these people the best. You can choose a favorite flower, arrangement, or color in your flower gift. Flowers provide you a great way to send a personalized holiday gift to a family member. You can even choose to purchase wholesale flowers and create your own wholly unique bouquet.

Another ideal holiday gift is our subscription program. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans Subscription plans make a perfect holiday gift for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, they are a gift that keeps on giving. Flowers unfortunately will die. With our subscription plans, the recipient will always have fresh blooms in their home. For a flower-lover, this gift is a must!


Friends could definitely use some holiday flowers right about now. You likely know these people intimately, just as you do your family. Depending on the nature of your friendship, a small or large bouquet may be appropriate. Again, we recommend tailoring the flowers to each person. Make sure you send your friends flowers they will love during the holidays.

One of our Christmas-themed bouquets, like Fluffy Clouds, Silver Bells, Christmas Marvel, Fireplace, or Wilderness, is a great choice for your friends. You may also want to consider a subscription plan as a gift. Monthly plans work wonderfully for friends. That way they have a specially-curated bouquet to remember you by all year long.

Co-workers And Employees

No, flowers are not too personal a gift for your co-workers and/or employees. They may be a perfect way to show these people that you are missing them over the holidays. Depending on your career, it may have been a long time since you’ve seen your employees or co-workers in person. It doesn’t matter whether you are giving a gift to your employees or to co-workers, flowers can be appropriate. You can even send them to your boss this holiday season.

There is some etiquette to keep in mind when sending flowers to co-workers and employees, though. You would do best to stay away from flowers that have associations with love, romance, or too personal. Roses are probably not a great choice for this group.

You should also probably stay away from flowers that have too strong a smell. Some people are extremely sensitive to smell. They may also have scent-related allergies. Stick instead to a seasonal and brightly-colored bouquet like our Sparkling Grass or Wild Berries.


Flowers are also a good gift to send to a neighbor. If your neighbor is close, you could even have the flowers delivered to you, and then bring them to your neighbor. This will allow you to ensure the bouquet looks great before you give it as a gift. With us, at BloomsyBox, you never have to worry about a good-looking bouquet. We guarantee the safest shipping for your flowers. You can have them delivered to your neighbor without a second thought.

The same etiquette goes for neighbors as it would co-workers or employees. You want to be a little careful about sending too personal a bouquet. And, definitely stay clear of any flowers that are associated with love. You don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.

Flowers have been shown to have a benefit on our psyches. They can help lift our mood and make us smile. That ability alone makes them a great holiday gift. But, this year, with people visiting much less in person, we need flowers more than ever.

Best Holiday Flower Gifts

We’ve discussed some specifics in the previous section. But, there are a lot of holiday flowers gifts out there. Below we’ve given examples of a few of our favorites. Use this list as a way to get your creative juices flowing. There are literally thousands of ways to designs a holiday flower gift this year.

Live Plants

Live plants are perfect for an avid gardener or someone who loves taking care of living things. You should probably refrain from gifting live plants to co-workers or employees unless you know for a fact that the person is up for taking care of the plant. This consideration may even be true for neighbors, friends, and family.

Our live plant offers are not hard to keep alive. Our live plants will be shipped safely and come with care instructions. However, they are more time-consuming than a flower arrangement. Some people would much prefer putting out a new bouquet every once and a while, as opposed to caring for a plant year-round.

Subscription Plan

We’ve already mentioned our subscription plan quite a bit. So, we will not talk about it ad nauseum here. We will mention just a few more details about this amazing deal, however. There are several subscription plans to choose from. We offer one weekly plan, one bi-weekly plan, and five monthly plans.

Sending flowers to your family during the holidays is a no-brainer. You likely know these people the best. You can choose a favorite flower, arrangement, or color in your flower gift. Flowers provide you a great way to send a personalized holiday gift to a family member. You can even choose to purchase wholesale flowers and create your own wholly unique bouquet.

The monthly plans differ in their size and the types of blooms included in them. For example, you can choose our Bloomsy Roses plan, which delivers unique rose varieties from all over the world directly to your door once per month. This is likely not the plan for co-workers, neighbors, or employees. However, for friends and family, it can be perfect. Our other monthly plans are Bloomsy Premium (27-32 stems), Bloomsy Deluxe (20-24 stems), Bloomsy Farm Classic (18-20 stems), and The NYBG Collection (30-32 stems).

All of our subscription bouquets will arrive at your home within five days of the flowers being picked. They also come with flower food and an informational card. Our process ensures that your blooms will remain beautiful for as long as possible. This gives the recipient much more time to enjoy the bouquet.

Gift Basket

One of the ways most people love to send flowers is as part of a gift basket. You can put together your own gift basket with wholesale flowers or buy a pre-made one. Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily find a gift basket the is impersonal but unique for acquaintances and extremely personal ones for friends and family. Make sure to give flowers and gifts that a person enjoys. This type of holiday gift is a great way to spend a lot of little things.

If you’ve made it all the way through this article, good job. It was a long one! If your question is who to send flowers to this holiday season, there is an easy answer. It is everyone. Everyone and anyone would enjoy the gift of flowers. Just follow the advice we’ve given throughout the article to ensure your gift is appropriate for each person.

When you are ready to purchase your flowers, go to our website. We offer farm-to-door flowers that are unmatched. We give you all the tools needed to enjoy your blooms for a long time. Our amazing selection of holiday arrangements provides you a lot of choices. If you have any questions about our process or products, our helpful customer services agents are happy to answer them. Contact us today and show your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employees that you care this holiday season!

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