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Thursday, November 19, 2020

The holidays are a great time for flowers! Giving them or gifting them, flowers should figure prominently in your holidays this year. Flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your mental health.

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The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of people. This is just one reason why it is such a good idea to have flowers around during the holidays. Any flower will do at holiday time. You just need to get a little creative. There are a few types of flowers, however, that is extremely popular during the holidays.

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Why Do You Need Flowers During The Holidays?

Flowers and plants have actually been used to celebrate many types of holidays throughout the centuries. Each culture has its own special flowers for each holiday. As Christianity became more widespread in the Middle Ages, many of these customs got incorporated into that religion’s holidays.

For example, we all know that evergreen trees are a symbol of Christmas. No Christmas decoration is complete without them. This tradition actually comes from ancient Celtic tribes. To the ancient Celts, evergreens were sacred plants. They represented the idea of everlasting life. Ancient Egyptians also saw evergreens as holy, as they used the plants to represent their sun god Ra.

The use of holly during the holiday season comes to us from the ancient Romans. Holly was used as part of Saturnalia, the feast of the god Saturn. And, the list of examples goes on.

It is clear that throughout our history humans have used flowers and plants to commemorate important occasions. Today should be no different. Flowers and plants continue to play a central role in holidays throughout the year.

Top 9 Most Popular Holidays For Flowers

As we have mentioned in many blog posts, flowers are appropriate for any holiday. Often people will give flowers for occasions of any type. But, some holidays are more associated with flowers than others.

Below you will find the top holidays for giving flowers:

  1. Christmas/Hanukah
  2. New Year’s Eve and Day
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Mother’s Day
  5. Easter
  6. Father’s Day
  7. Fourth of July
  8. Halloween
  9. Thanksgiving

You will find flowers at the celebrations for all the holidays listed above. But, Christmas and Hanukah are by far the most popular holidays for flowers. In fact, 30% of yearly flower sales occur for Christmas and Hanukah. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the second most popular flower holidays. They each account for 25% of flower sales.

What Are The Most Popular Holiday Flowers?

Not a lot of flowers grow during the winter. This is one practical reason why evergreens and berries are so commonly found at Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter holidays. There are a lot of flower options for holidays in the spring and summer. Just choose a flower that’s in season. It will work perfectly.

The winter holidays can be a little harder to find flowers for. That doesn’t mean that there are not any flowers or plants to purchase for the winter holidays. Christmas and Hanukah do makeup 30% of the market share, after all. Clearly, people are finding something to purchase.

Here are our top six picks for the most popular holiday flowers:

1) Poinsettia

You cannot exist during the Christmas season and miss the poinsettia. This flower has become ubiquitous with the winter holiday season. The popularity of the poinsettia is a little surprising considering the flower is native to Mexico. The poinsettia comes from a Mexican region called the “Taxco del Alarcon.” In this region, the poinsettia flower during the winter.

The holidays are a great time for flowers! Giving them or gifting them, flowers should figure prominently in your holidays this year. Flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your mental health. The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of people. This is just one reason why it is such a good idea to have flowers around during the holidays.

Poinsettia was not popular in the United States or used during Christmas until the 19th century. They get their name from Joel Roberts Poinsett who brought the plant from Mexico to the United States in the 1820s. The original Aztec name of the flower is cuetlaxochitl.

The poinsettia quickly gained popularity because of their supposed relationship to the Star of Bethlehem. The petals of the poinsettia are said to resemble the star that led the Wise Men to baby Jesus. With the religious ties and long history—and the use of poinsettia sap to make latex!—it is not surprising that the poinsettia is such a popular holiday flower.

2) Orchid

Orchids do not have a long association with Christmas like the poinsettia. Instead, they are a unique and special flower that signals the tropics for many people. In cold climates, the holidays are a time of yearning for warm weather. There is no better way to bring warmth into your home during the holidays than with the orchid.

Another great reason to consider the orchid this holiday season is that there are thousands of them in the world. Vanilla even comes from an orchid! With such variation, you can find the one you prefer.

3) Norfolk Pine

No, Norfolk pines are not flowers. But, we couldn’t complete this list without mentioning an evergreen. Evergreens are a staple during the winter holidays. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, many diverse cultures had their own celebrations that involved evergreens.

If you are looking for a compact, and amazing smelling evergreen this holiday season, try the Norfolk pine. These compact trees are also occasionally called the Norfolk Island pine. The ones you can purchase around the holiday season only get 6-7 feet tall. That’s small for an evergreen. The tree itself has a lot of branches and a fern-like look. These are the perfect plants to incorporate into your Christmas or Hanukah décor.

4) Amaryllis

The Amaryllis is a winter-blooming flower. It is another tropical plant, being native to Australia and West Africa. Amaryllis are only perennial to zones 9-12.

You can still appreciate the Amaryllis this holiday season. Since they come in a variety of colors, you can find the exact combination that fits your holiday decorations. They also look like lilies, which are many people’s favorite flowers. The trumpet-shaped flowers are large and work well as the focal point of any flower arrangement. Amaryllis also symbolizes love and beauty, which are great messages during the holidays.

5) Carnation

Carnations, especially pink carnations, are intimately tied to Mother’s Day. You can use carnations for other holidays as well. The multi-colored and ruffled appearance of the carnation is extremely cheerful. These are not winter-blooming flowers, but they are so common that finding them all-year-round is not hard.

Carnations are native to the Mediterranean. There are over 300 types of carnation to choose from. There are seeming that many colors and color combinations as well. Like roses, each color of carnation has its own meaning. These flowers were extremely popular in ancient Greece and Rome.

A final great positive of the carnation is the long-lasting nature of the blooms. Any of our bouquets with carnations will last all through the holiday season. The longer the blooms stay looking great, the more enjoyment you get for your money. During the cold weather, you want as durable a flower as possible.

6) Rose

Roses are the most popular flower in the world. We often associate roses with Valentine’s Day. But, really, no holiday would be brightened by roses. Roses and their association with romantic love make a wonderful gift. A bouquet of roses as a holiday gift is bound to make someone smile.

There are a lot of colors to choose from with roses. Red roses are, of course, the most traditional. For Christmas, though, you can try an arrangement with green and red roses. Or perfect some bicolor pink and white roses would work with your holiday decorations? No matter what type of rose you want this holiday season, you can find it from us.

Holiday Flower Delivery

There are a lot of ways to use flowers during the holidays. Using them as decoration and giving them as gifts are two of the most common. No matter how you plan on using them, get your flowers delivered by us. We provide the freshest and longest lasting blooms around!

Our farm-to-table blooms are delivered directly from our participating farms to your door. In just two or three days you will have your beautiful holiday flowers. This means that you shouldn’t order your flower way ahead of time. There is no long wait time with our flowers, as there is with traditional flower delivery services. Time your delivery so that the blooms have enough time to open before the holidays arrive.

If you are looking for a holiday flower gift, try our subscription service. With it, we send a specially curated bouquet directly to your home either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. There are a lot of subscription plans to choose from. You never know what you’re going to get with our subscription. You can count on the quality and beauty of our bouquet, however. Your flowers will arrive in a durable, unique box with their care instructions.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Purchase a our subscription or bouquet for your loved ones today.

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