Featured flowers in October

Ready to learn more about your blooms? Every flower has a story! Read on for interesting information about this month’s featured flowers.


Look for the feature flower of your plan!

Bloomsy Original

With the right love and care your plants can continue to blossom healthily for longer

Care Tip 1


Care & handling tips

To enjoy your BloomsyBox Bouquet as long as possible:

1 - Always use a clean vase
2 - Add the right amount of (cold) tap water
3- Cut 1 inch off the stems
4 - Remove the lower leafs, so that there are none in the water
5 - Sprinkle the content of the flower food sachet into the vase
6 - Put the flowers in the vase
7 - Keep the flowers away from ripening fruits
8 - Refill the vase if necessary with water

Unique flowers, different care

All about that base!

Learn how to create a grid and base for your floral arrangement.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Islands, we wanted to create a bouquet that brings the spirit of the tropics straight into your home—no passport needed!

1- Remove the sleeve and paper wrap. Do not remove the rubber band holding your bouquet together
2- Cut the tip of the stems
3- Tropical flowers need a LOT of water, fill the vase at least 2/3 full
4- They also absorb water from their environment. Spray them at least once a day to ensure long vase life
5- If your bouquet looks a bit squeezed after transportation, carefully separate the blooms with your hands. Flowers will return back to their original shape.
6- Keep your blooms in a comfortable place away from extreme heat, direct sunlight, or drafts.