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Lovely Lisianthus! Symbolizing appreciation, this flower is striking in color and delicate in shape.

Sometimes referred to by its scientific name, eustoma, the Lisianthus ranges in shades from purple and blue-violet, to white and pink, with the color of each Lisianthus flower holding its own meaning. Sometimes referred to as the 'poor man's rose', the flower can easily be mistaken for a rose due to its head shape and size.

The origin of the name, Eustoma, is from the Greek words 'eu', which denotes something beautiful, and 'stoma', meaning mouth. Lisianthus stems from the Greek words 'lysis', with the translation being 'dissolution', and 'anthos', meaning flower.

Lisianthus is often used in wedding bouquets and corsages and is the traditional flowers for anniversaries. In Victorian times when flowers were often used as a means of communication to send messages to others, this flower was thought to describe someone with a flamboyant or showy personality.

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Lovely Lisianthus!

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