A vibrant red rose stands tall in a greenhouse, with soft-focused blooming roses in the background, highlighting the beauty of cultivated flowers in a controlled environment.

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Longer Stems

Longer stems

As the saying goes, you must take time when you want something done right. Grown on elevated hilltops in Colombia, our roses take extra time to develop resulting in longest-stemmed roses than average.

Bigger blooms

Bigger blooms

Longer, sunnier days in Colombia, an equatorial country, mean roses with larger buds with longer-lasting blossoming periods. Beautiful, big-headed roses that last longer, too?! Win-win-win.

Exquisite in color

Exquisite in color

Higher altitudes mean colder climates, which affect our rose's hue. You'll often see contrasting colors along the flower's edges and inside the petals. In other words, instant W-O-W factor.


A Luxury experience

Vibrant bouquet of yellow roses in a metallic gold vase, placed on books beside a mug and lamp, with a backdrop of a white wall.
Close-up of a beautiful bouquet featuring delicate cream roses surrounded by white blooms and lush greenery, conveying elegance and a romantic vibe.
Person holding a beautiful pink and white rose with green leaves and stems in the background, showcasing a tattoo on their wrist and red manicured nails.
Vibrant close-up of orange and yellow roses with soft red edges, highlighting the detailed layers of delicate petals and the lush beauty of the blossoms.
Beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses atop a decorated cardboard box, set against a modern living room with white walls and orange pillows.

Colombia, the land of roses

With 12 hours of natural sunlight and an 8,400-foot altitude, Colombia offers some of the most unique growing conditions in the world.
Bright pink rose in sharp focus in a greenhouse setting with blurred background featuring more roses and a large ventilation fan.

Blooming happy, 365 days a year

Due to its unique climate and landscape, Colombian roses bloom 365 days a year. Talk about blooming happy!

Rows of young plants growing in a modern greenhouse with irrigation system, transparent ceiling, and climate control features visible under a diffuse light.

Hydrated soil is happy soil

Wow! Bogotá receives 33 inches of rainfall annually. Even better? Almost half of the water the farm use for irrigation every year is recycled rainwater.

Golden sunlight bathes greenhouses in a rural landscape with hills in the background and a lens flare effect visible on the left side.

Sustainability is key

Our farms utilize beneficial insects instead of pesticides to eliminate crop-damaging pests.

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