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Superstitions and Lucky Blooms

Friday, July 13, 2018

Superstitions are deeply rooted in history and widely believed (logically or not) today. And while most superstitions like Friday the 13th, a black cat crossing your path, or opening an umbrella indoors are well known, there are several more that fly under the “freaky” radar.

Close-up of a beautiful bouquet of pink and white double tulips wrapped in brown paper, sitting on a wood surface with soft-focused background.

Would you believe us if we told you some people consider lilies to be bad luck? It’s hard to fathom after seeing the beauty these blooms bring. But many consider lilies to be “funeral flowers”, and thus believe having them in your home is a bad omen. (Although we don’t feel anything but lucky having these fragrant flowers nearby!)

Bright yellow sunflowers arranged in a cluster with dark brown centers, set against a clean white background, evoking a cheerful and fresh aesthetic.


Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Lucky Flowers to Have on Hand:

  • 1) Cymbidium orchids: are considered a feng shui plant, and are thought to bring prosperity and good luck to their owner.

  • 2) Sunflowers: are thought to bring good luck when given for events such as graduations, new business openings, and more. They are also believed to bring joy and a sunny disposition to the recipient!

  • 3) Alstroemerias: are a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and luck. These blooms are long lasting and easy to care for, and are found naturally in a wide variety of colors!

While some flowers and plants are considered to be bad luck, the majority of them are actually thought to bring fortune to your home.

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