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Friday, August 28, 2020

Send Flowers to Say “Happy Birthday” Everyone has a birthday! Whether someone is 5 or 85, there is still cause for celebration every year.


Birthdays are actually a pagan tradition that began with the ancient Greeks. They thought that each person was given a spirit that watched over them from the day of their birth. Birthdays were a way of celebrating this spirit.

As with many Greek traditions, the Romans continued it after they came to world dominance. Eventually, birthday celebrations became part of the Christian tradition and subsequently moved all over the globe. But, ¿what does all of this information have to do with birthday flowers?

Vibrant bouquet of red roses in a golden vase on a stack of books beside a window, with a small coffee cup on a white tablecloth, conveying a cozy home atmosphere.

Splendid Red Roses

Giving the gift of flowers is just one way to celebrate a birthday. Gifts have been part of the birthday celebration forever. The gifts were originally offered to the person’s protective spirit in the Greek tradition. Today, gifts are given to the birthday person as a way of celebrating them.

Flowers make a great birthday gift. Whether you are celebrating with someone or not, the gift of birthday flowers really shows you care. There is no better place to get your birthday flowers than BloomsyBox. Our farm-to-table flower arrangements and specially-curated subscription bouquets will help you celebrate any special person in your life.

Before we specifically discuss what we here at BloomsyBox can do for you, let’s look at birthday flowers more specifically. The gift of any flower is sure to be appreciated. However, some flowers are just better for birthdays than others. You can read more about birthday flowers on our Birthday Flower Delivery.

Below you will find our top ten picks for the best birthday flowers. We will discuss the flower, why it is popular, and any special meanings that make it ideal for celebrating a birthday.

Here are the top ten most popular and best birthday flowers:

1) Rose

No list of the top flowers for any occasion would be complete without the rose. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. There is some evidence to suggest that the rose is at least thirty-five million years old! The rose originally comes from China. With such a long history, it is no wonder that this is a hugely popular flower.

Roses are known for their distinctive shape. There are many different kinds of roses, in fact, literally, thousands of varieties exist. Roses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, you are much less likely to find thousands of roses in birthday bouquets. The classic shape continues to be the most popular. Yet, the number of colors to choose from do vary wildly.

The rose is an interesting flower in terms of its meaning. Everyone knows the rose is associated with love. But, did you know that the color of the rose determines the type of love and overall meaning represented? It’s true. Rose color is as important to its meaning as the flower itself. Here are a few of the most popular rose colors and their meanings:

  • Red rose= Passionate/romantic love.
  • Pink rose= Sweetness, admiration, and joy.
  • White rose= Innocence and purity.
  • Yellow rose= Friendship
  • Lavender rose= Love at first sight.

With all these meanings, you can tailor your birthday message to your unique recipient using just one flower. Clearly, the rose is a great birthday flower for a reason.

2) Iris

Irises are another flower with a very unique shape. They have six petals, with three that fall outward and three that stand upright. You can choose from bearded or beardless irises as well. Typically, irises were purple or blue. Today, however, many more colors are available.

The iris gets its name from Greek mythology. Iris is the name of the goddess of the rainbow. She was a messenger for the gods.

Irises are a great birthday flower for someone bold and unique. The iris stands out in a crowd. By giving the iris as a birthday flower, you are telling your loved one that they are strong and unique, but also beautiful and striking.

There are a couple of different meanings of the iris. Most often, irises are associated with hope and wisdom. These meanings are related to the flower’s association with the Goddess Iris.

3) Lily

We call from 80 to 100 species of flower a lily. All of these species belong to the Lilium genus in the Liliaceae family. Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz on this information later. We include the scientific information on the lily to indicate the huge variation in this flower.

Daylilies, Easter lilies, and more are all considered “true lilies.” These species have the six-petal segments in a general trumpet shape. The other species of lily may differ from the classic lily shape. There are seemingly infinite color combinations for the lily.

Any type of lily makes a great birthday flower. There is so much variation in this flower that you are virtually guaranteed to find one you like. The lily also represents happiness and positivity. There are very few other flowers that are so cheerful. If you want to brighten the birthday person’s day, then you need to give them the gift of a lily arrangement.

4) Orchid

Is there any flower more exotic than the orchid? We don’t think so. Orchids are another flower type with a lot of variety. There are an estimated 25,000-30,000 species of orchid in the world! A third of these are found in the tropics. However, orchids grow anywhere on earth. The vanilla bean even comes from an orchid!

With so many orchids, you would think that they would have many different meanings. The orchid does have a couple of different meanings, but not as many as you might guess. Often the orchid is used to symbolize beauty, strength, and luxury. If the birthday person loves luxurious or exotic things, then you definitely need to give them the gift of a birthday orchid from BloomsyBox.

5) Marigold

With all the flashier flowers on this list, the marigold might seem out of place. Marigolds are common garden flowers all over the United States. These multi-petaled flowers come in many sizes and shapes. They are often red, orange, or some combination of the two colors.

Yes, the marigold is a common flower. But, it’s cheerful coloring and usefulness—marigolds are an edible flower—make it a great addition to any birthday bouquet. These flowers are not called “herb of the sun” for nothing.

Marigolds are common, but they are not boring. This is a striking and in-your-face flower variety. It makes a great birthday flower for those people that have a lot of passion in their lives.

6) Sunflower

Speaking of a cheerful, bold flower associated with the sun let’s talk about the sunflower. Sun is right there in its name. Yes, there are many sizes and colors for modern sunflowers. However, the flower is most associated with large stalks and huge yellow and black flowers.

Sunflowers of all sizes make a great birthday bouquet. This flower is most associated with the fall. So, it is ideal to use in a fall birthday arrangement. Why not bring some fall charm into a loved one's birthday celebration?

As you might guess, the sunflower has a lot of very positive meanings. They are typically used to symbolize adoration and loyalty. What a great flower to use in birthday bouquets!

7) Gerbera

The gerbera is part of the daisy family. It gets its name from Traugott Gerber, a botanist, and doctor from the 18th century. You will sometimes see the Gerbera daisy call the African daisy.

Gerberas typically have the many petals and general shape of the daisy. They come with a wide variety of colors. The flowers themselves are medium to large. They are a great addition to blower arrangements for people who don’t want traditional roses or irises.

All members of the daisy family symbolize innocence and purity. Because of their many colors, the gerbera daisy also has a connotation of cheerfulness. If you want a birthday bouquet to make someone smile, put some gerberas in it.

8) Tulip

Tulips are a fairly popular flower for most occasions. They are especially associated with springtime. For birthdays in spring, you can’t go wrong with a tulip bouquet.

Tulips have a long cup shape. They now come in many different colors. However, red, pink, white, and yellow are the most traditional tulip colors. These flowers were wild in the Tien Shan mountains. By 1055 they were cultivated in Istanbul. While not as long a history as the rose, the tulip has been around for a very long time.

In addition to being associated with springtime, the tulip means perfect love. They make an ideal flower to give on the birthdays of the closest loves in your life.

9) Larkspur

Larkspurs are tall towers of blue-purple flowers. Each growing is made up of a large number of small flowers. They join together to create the large, striking stalks that can dominate a birthday bouquet.

Larkspurs get their name from the Tudors. A lark’s claw (or spur) looks very like the flowers. Today, the larkspur comes in many different colors. Each has its own meaning. Yet, traditionally, the larkspur represents friendship and adoration. These are great flowers to put in a birthday arrangement for a close friend.

10) Gladiolus

Finally, there is the gladiolus. Gladioli are another type of large, stalk flower. The stalks on the gladiolus are made up of smaller flowers just as in the larkspur. Gladiolus flowers just have a different shape than larkspurs. But both make for an extremely dramatic flower arrangement.

Gifts have been part of the birthday celebration forever. The gifts were originally offered to the person’s protective spirit in the Greek tradition. Today, gifts are given to the birthday person as a way of celebrating them.

You may have noticed how close the name gladiolus is to gladiator. There is a reason for that similarity. The flowers are just as striking and dramatic as the gladiators of ancient Rome. If you have a gladiator-like person in your life, give them a gladiolus on their birthday.

Birthday Flower Arrangements

You don’t just have to give a birthday person a single flower, or an arrangement made up of only one flower. Instead, you should consider combining multiple flowers together in a birthday bouquet.

Purchasing wholesale flowers from us at BloomsyBox is a great way to receive the components of your birthday arrangement for a reasonable price. Choose the flowers and colors you want. You will receive the freshest and most long-lasting flowers available. They are guaranteed to make your birthday arrangement a show-stopper

If the thought of creating your own birthday arrangement scares you –or seems like too much work—that is not a problem. Choose one of our many birthday flower arrangements. You can search through our current offerings here.

Other Birthday Flower Gift Ideas

If a basic birthday bouquet is not for you, there are lots of other birthday flower gift ideas. You could give flowers alongside another gift. Birthday flowers and gift baskets are always a great option. You can tailor the gift baskets to the recipient’s preferences and give them beautiful flowers as well.

We highly recommend giving the gift of a BloomsyBox subscription. You can choose from monthly or weekly plans. With both types of plans, you will receive a specially created arrangement from BloomsyBox. Our experts take pride in providing the freshest and most unique arrangements anywhere. With a BloomsyBox subscription, you will be giving the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

Birthday Flower Delivery

No matter what type of birthday flowers you give, us BloomsyBox as your flower delivery service. From arrangements, bouquets, wholesale flowers, and live plants, we truly offer it all. Like a specific flower? You can find it at BloomsyBox.

Additionally, all of our flowers are farm-to-table. This means that we cut out the middle-man. When you purchase flowers from us, they are shipped directly to you from the farm. This ensures the freshest and brightest flowers possible.

When you celebrate a birthday, it is a joyful event. Let birthday flowers from BloomsyBox contribute to that atmosphere. Contact our specialists today to learn more or place your order!

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