Flowers + Plants 101

Recipe 12: Thinking of You

Monday, June 11, 2018

With the winter holidays out of the way, it’s time to start thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day. This arrangement features some of our favorite flowers and with only a few steps, you’ll be feeling like a professional florist in no time! Whether you’re treating yourself or a special someone, the Thinking Of You arrangement will be a hit.

Close-up of an open book with the text "thinking of you" highlighted next to a beautiful arrangement of red, orange, and white flowers on a light surface.

What you’ll need: * • 4-5 stems of white or sage hydrangea * • 1 bunch of red roses * • 10-12 stems of mixed-color roses * • 1 bunch of pink lisianthus (or pink sweet pea) * • 1 block of floral foam

First things first, soak your floral foam and trip it to fit snugly inside your vase. The Flower Chef used a square vase for this particular design, but we opted to use round simply because we had it on hand.

Step 1: Place your hydrangeas. Once your floral foam is ready, start by placing your hydrangeas into each corner of the vase (or, in this case, along the perimeter of the circle). The stems should be inserted diagonally so the head of each bloom rests gently on both the top of the floral foam and your container. Use as many or as little hydrangeas as needed to cover the entire surface of the foam.

Step 2: Insert rose clusters. Group your roses in stems of 2-3 and insert them evenly in-between the hydrangeas. It might help to turn your vase slightly as you arrange to aid in distributing the roses evenly. We decided to group a couple colors of roses at a time, as well as using some single roses to add interest to the arrangement.

Step 3: Add in your sweet peas or filler flowers. For the third and final step, add in your filler flowers as accents. We used pink lisianthus in place of the sweet peas used in The Flower Chef. The softness of the petals added a beautiful finishing touch to the arrangement!

And there you have it! This arrangement is sweet, lush, and romantic. Not to mention easy to create! With just 15 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of arranging, you will have a gorgeous centerpiece for your upcoming Valentine’s celebrations.

It might help to turn your vase slightly as you arrange to aid in distributing the roses evenly.

Woman in a patterned top arranging a colorful bouquet of red and white roses with hydrangeas in a gold vase on a table with scattered petals.