Halloween Flowers & Decor

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

You may not think of Halloween as a typically flower-heavy holiday. In fact, we bet you’ve never really considered how flowers can increase the spooky ambiance of Halloween. Well, that’s all about to change! In the rest of this article, you will find the top flowers for Halloween and how to have them delivered to your home.

Illuminated jack-o'-lantern with a carved smiling face wrapped in twinkling string lights on a wooden surface, creating a festive and spooky Halloween atmosphere.

Best Halloween Flowers

There are actually a lot of flowers that could be considered a Halloween flower. Halloween falls during fall, so any fall flower will work for Halloween. Flowers in orange, yellow, gold or red are also always great choices for a Halloween bouquet. Orange flowers are just not that spooky.

Instead of focusing on all the fall flowers that will work for Halloween, we’ve concentrated on specifically Halloween-oriented flowers. The flowers described below will be ghostly, unnerving, or have some other association with Halloween.

So, let’s get to it. Here are our picks for the top size Halloween flowers.

Black Dahlia

No list of the top flowers for Halloween would be complete without the black dahlia. The dahlia is a perennial flower native to Central America. It is characterized by its star-like, multi-petaled appearance.

Although black dahlias have the most famous reputation, dahlias actually come in all colors but blue. You can also find multi-colored dahlias. Like a brightly colored flower, the dahlia is a great choice for a bouquet in any season. But, the black dahlia is most associated with Halloween.

The black dahlia and Halloween work well together because of the flower’s black color. Plus, the Black Dahlia murder in 1947 made the flower famous. While the murder of Elizabeth Short had nothing to do with the flower other than a nickname, it forever linked the black dahlia with murder. What better association is there on Halloween?

Black Calla Lilies

Black flowers are a special touch in a Halloween flower arrangement. They reflect the holiday’s focus on the macabre. It is no wonder, then, that another black flower makes an appearance on our list. The black calla lily, like the black dahlia, is just one color of a specific flower.

Calla lilies have a uniquely elegant shape. They are both a popular wedding and a funeral flower. Because of their trumpet-like shape, calla lilies make a great focal point of a bouquet. Calla lilies are most often seen in white, but they can be found in other colors. Black is one of those.

Black calla lilies do not have the link with murder that we saw with the black dahlia. But, their black color and mysterious and eye-catching form make them ideal as a Halloween flower.

Bleeding Hearts

You have likely heard someone called a bleeding heart. You may have even heard this term applied to yourself. Well, bleeding hearts are actually a flower. They have a heart shape and a downturned appearance. Thus, the heart-shaped flower looks like it is bleeding.

Bleeding hearts are perennial in a large zone. You will find them growing in hardiness zones 2-9. With such a huge range, you would think that bleeding hearts would be more common than they are currently. Yet, this mysterious flower remains a less known and unique addition to a Halloween bouquet.

Bleeding hearts come naturally in shades of pink, red, and white. For Halloween, we recommend the white variety. While this color is less spooky than the black flowers described above, it will complement a more neutral Halloween bouquet. Plus, the pearly whiteness of the bleeding heart will draw attention to its ethereal look.

Lotus pods

Now we’re returning to a creepier Halloween flower. In fact, lotus pods are not really flowers at all. They are what’s left after lotus seeds are harvested. The removal of the seeds leaves large holes in the lotus pod. If the pods are left out to dry, then they oxidize into a dark color.

Of all the flowers on this list, lotus pods have the most other-worldly appearance. They work okay in a fall bouquet. But, they really shine as an unusual centerpiece of a Halloween arrangement.

Rose Hips

Rose hips are made by roses. They are essentially the seeds of the rose. Rose hips are edible. They also have a great smell, which makes them perfect for a nice smelling Halloween bouquet.

All roses make hips, but some make more than others. If you have lots of rose hips in your yard, bring some in for your next Halloween arrangement. Rose hips are typically red and orange, which make them a perfect color for Halloween. Consider rose hips as a colorful accent to a Halloween arrangement with black dahlias or black calla lilies.

Spider Mums

It can be funny how nature comes up with the shapes of certain flowers. Where calla lilies are distinguished by their elegance, the spider mum is set apart by its spindly petals. The spider mum has that name for a reason. It is a type of chrysanthemum. Instead of the rounded flowers of most mums, though, the spider mum has long, pointy petals.

There are a lot of varieties and colors of spider mum to choose from. You can easily find a type that compliments your Halloween bouquet. They are also a very long-lasting flower. The spider mum will stay fresh for two weeks or more when cared for correctly. That’s more than enough time to enjoy it through the Halloween season.

Halloween Flower Delivery

At BloomsyBox, we are your source for the best Fall flowers. We offer pre-made bouquets and live plants as well as wholesale flowers. You can even choose a subscription plan as part of a Halloween gift.

Our subscriptions come in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans. As part of the subscription, you will receive a specially curated arrangement on the schedule you choose. This is a great way to learn about new flowers and experience the joy of having flowers in your home all year long.

All flowers from BloomsyBox are delivered fresh, direct to your door from our participating farms. This farm-to-table approach ensures the freshest and longest-lasting flowers available.

There are actually a lot of flowers that could be considered a Halloween flower. Halloween falls during fall, so any fall flower will work for Halloween. Flowers in orange, yellow, gold or red are also always great choices for a Halloween bouquet. Orange flowers are just not that spooky.