Spider Plant

Unlike their namesake, anyone will be happy to welcome a Spider Plant into their home!

Lush spider plant with vibrant green and white striped leaves growing in a simple white pot isolated on a white background, portraying a minimalist and fresh home decor aesthetic.

Spider Plants are as healthy for your home as they are easy to care for! These plants are known for their tremendous ability to clean and filter the air in their environment. The Spider Plant gets its name from spiderettes (sometimes called pups!) that dangle from the mother plant. When your plant is healthy and happy, these spiderettes will start as small white flowers and grow into mini spider plants of their own. Spider plants are easy to care for and a perfect addition to just about any home!

Light: Lucky for their plant parents, Spider Plants are easy to care for. They thrive best in bright, indirect sunlight. They will tolerate most environments with other types of light, but you may be less likely to see spiderettes form on your plant. We recommend avoiding hot, direct sunlight as it may cause the leaves to burn.

Watering: If you see that the tips of your Spider Plant are beginning to brown, you do not need to worry. Browning tips are caused by fluoride that is found in most tap water. Over time the fluoride builds up in the soil. This problem is easily remedied by watering your plant with rainwater or distilled water.

Food: You may fertilize your Spider Plant about once per month during the spring and summer months. We recommend high-quality liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. Follow the fertilizer directions for specific amounts and methods.

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Moderately, without excess

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65-80 °F

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In Spring & Summer

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Tropical & subtropical regions of Africa, Asia & Australia

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Spider Plants are easy to care for and excellent for helping to purify the air in their environment.

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