Every plant parent should have a Sansevieria in their collection. These bold, attractive plants are low maintenance and add a sophisticated style to any space.

Vibrant Sansevieria trifasciata, commonly known as snake plant, with tall yellow and green variegated leaves in a simple white pot against a white background.

Also known as a snake plant, the Sansevieria is a striking, easy-care plant that makes a statement in your space. Sansevieria are happiest in bright, indirect light but still grow well in low light conditions. Water Sansevieria very sparingly, similar to a succulent. Water lightly about once every three weeks or so when the soil is completely dry. Sansevieria is mildly toxic to pets and is best to keep out of their reach. Your snake plant is shipped in a white 5-inch ceramic pot, and this beautiful houseplant makes the perfect gift!

Temperature: Sansevieria thrives best in bright, indirect light. While they can tolerate lower light environments, they will grow much slower without adequate light. If placed in direct sunlight, watch closely for crispy or burnt tips. Rotate your snake plant regularly to ensure it grows evenly throughout.

Care Instructions: Similar to succulents, Sansevieria should only be watered when completely dry. Root rot is common with snake plants, so be sure that your Sansevieria has excellent drainage. Snake plants will need slightly more water during the spring and summer and less during colder months. Sansevieria prefer warmer temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees.

Fertilizer: If you choose to fertilize your Sansevieria, use a liquid fertilizer designated for cactus and dilute with water. Snake plants should not be fertilized during the winter months.

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Only when it's dry

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70-90 °F

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Not during the winter

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Africa & Madagascar

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Sansevieria are happiest in bright, indirect light but still grow well in low light conditions.

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