Orange Bromeliad

Few people know it, but Bromeliads in the same family as pineapples. The plant itself has a "crown" similar to that of a pineapple, and comes in a variety of bright tropical colors.

Bright orange bromeliad flower with vibrant green leaves in a simple white pot against a clean white background, representing a fresh indoor plant decor.

Bromeliads were seen as a 'gift from the gods' by the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans who used nearly every part of the plant for various utilities. When placed in the home, it is said to represent 'protection.' The Bromeliad plant is a wonderful indoor option because it requires no special tools or fertilizers to bloom into a bold and vibrant plant that will transport you somewhere tropical.

Water: Water your Bromeliad when the soil is dry and avoid over saturating the water to prevent root rot.

Fertilizer: Bromeliads do not require fertilizer to thrive, but their color can be enhanced through the use of fertilizer. You can feed your Bromeliad a half strength fertilizer every month in the growing season.

Light: Bromeliads need approximately 6 hours of filtered sunlight each day. They do best in bright shade, needing around 6 hours of filtered sunlight a day. They thrive in warmer tempuratures and thrive at 55-80°F.

Silhouette of a classic wine glass spilt, with the liquid and glass depicted as simple geometric shapes on a plain background, symbolizing a spilled drink.


Once or twice a week

Simplified icon of a thermometer indicating temperature with a circular base and a rising level, presented in grayscale for a clear and minimalist design.


55-80 °F

Monochrome vector illustration of a potted plant with large leaves and a gardening trowel, representing gardening tools and houseplant care.


In Spring & Summer

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North and South America

Vibrant orange flower blossoming amidst lush green leaves against a clear white background, showcasing a fresh, natural plant close-up for serene botanical themes.

The orange variety can vary in intensity and is gauranteed to bring a vibrant pop of color to your home

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