Calathea Rattlesnake

Also known as the Rattlesnake plant, the Calathea Lancifolia is native to Rio de Janerio.

Healthy Calathea lancifolia, commonly known as the Rattlesnake Plant, with vibrant green and purple patterned leaves, potted in a white decorative planter against a white background.

The plant is known for it's bright green leaves with a dark purple underside and wavy-edged leaves.

The Rattlesnake plant is a perennial evergreen from Brazil and a common choice for indoor houseplants. It's known for it's distinctive wavy pattern along the edges and dark purple underside of the leaves. Though they can sometimes be tricky to care for, these plants can grow to approximately 20 inches tall.

Water: your Calathea Lancifolia every few days to ensure the soil stays moist, but avoid oversaturating the soil. If your soil forms long-lasting puddles, you've over-watered.

Fertilizer: Feed your plant a balanced water-soluble fertilizer monthly, spring through fall and avoid using fertilizer in the winter months.

Temperature: This plant thrives in warm tempuratures year round. Make sure to keep it in environments that range from 70-85°F/21-29°C. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause scorch marks on the plant's leaves. This plant does best in bright, indirect sunlight.

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70-85 °F

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In Spring & Fall

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Vibrant green and black spotted leaves of a Calathea lancifolia, also known as Rattlesnake Plant, against a light gray background, showcasing its unique leaf patterns.

If you're looking for a unique indoor plant, the Calathea Lancifolia is a great option!

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