Includes 23 Stems
Person holding a bouquet of dried flowers including white feathers, pampas grass, and other textured botanicals against a clean white background.
Elegant floral arrangement with white flowers and dried grass on a wooden cutting board against a white background, showcasing a rustic home decor style.
Vintage-style floral arrangement featuring a delicate assortment of dried flowers and wheat in soft, creamy hues set against a pale, neutral background.
Aesthetic arrangement of dried pampas grass and assorted botanicals in a minimalist white vase against a clean, neutral background, with a height scale on the right side.

Step into a dream of soft sage and feathery neutrals with our dried bouquet of pampas grass, golden rod, assorted foliage, and babies breath. This delicately dried bouquet complements the muted tones of new minimalism. Pair this subtle selection with other soft hues for chic elegance.

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