Ponytail Palm


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Ponytail Palms are captivating accent bonsai, thriving in low light. Low-maintenance and long-lived, they add a touch of bright green to any space. Ideal as houseplants or for landscaping, creating delicate cascading lines. Display in an 11-inch humidity tray for optimal growth and stunning flower stalks.

Bonsai take weeks to acclimate and may shed 20% of the foliage. Place your Bonsai in sunny areas near southeast or west-facing windows. They flourish outdoors on the patio/deck with morning sun and afternoon shade. Bring your Bonsai back indoors when night temps fall below 55 degrees.

Watering properly.
Watering correctly is critical! Indoor Bonsai should generally be watered every 2-3 days; refer to tag. Use ice cubes or a watering can with a fine-spray nozzle to water; humidity trays can help capture excess water.

Repot with good bonsai soil every 4-5 years during late spring/early summer. Bonsai requires periodic trimming to maintain a miniature shape.

Fertilize with water-soluble or time-released fertilizers, slow-releasing organic for mature bonsai. Inspect regularly for insects and diseases, and treat with products from the garden center.