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Discover the tranquility of our Orchid Oasis, a captivating combination of purple orchid and ZZ. The enchanting purple orchid radiates a sense of calm and elegance, while the robust ZZ plant adds a lush, green touch. Housed in a chic pot, this duo transforms any space into a serene oasis.

This plant is non-toxic to pets, making it a safe and smart choice for pet owners.

1. Watering properly.
Just like our premium orchids, they grow to be 23-25” tall and needs just 5 ice cubes or 1/3 cup of water each week.
2. Light.
These low maintenance plants enjoy bright, indirect light.
3. Blooming.
Blooms typically last 8-12. Don’t throw out your orchid once the blooms fall off, as it will rebloom with proper continued care.

Heads up! While the actual color of the blooms may vary slightly from what is pictured, you can rest assured that your orchid will be a stunning and eye-catching addition to your space.