3 Month Prepaid NYBG Subscription with Tote Bag and Clippers

A colorful bouquet of fresh flowers, including roses and lilies, overflows from a beige BloomsyBox tote bag with floral print hanging on a wooden chair's back.
A pair of red-handled florist scissors with sharp stainless steel blades next to its packaging box adorned with floral illustrations on a white background.
Vibrant bouquet of flowers with roses and lilies in a cardboard box ready for delivery, displaying bright oranges, pinks, and purples, symbolizing a thoughtful gift.
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Exclusive monthly hand-crafted bouquets inspired by The New York Botanical Garden. A percentage of each purchase supports NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation. Includes approximately 30 stems.
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Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy fresh flowers or searching for a thoughtful gift? Our limited-time offer of a 3-month prepaid NYBG flower subscription is the perfect solution. This offer includes flower clippers and an exclusive NYBG tote bag on the first delivery, providing convenience and a special discount. With the best tools at your fingertips, you can enjoy long-lasting blooms that brighten up your space. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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Past Boxes

What to expect in your NYBG Plan

Elegant bouquet of fresh flowers including orange roses, pink chrysanthemums, and white blooms in a clear glass vase on a marble table with a golden candle in the background.
Vibrant bouquet of pink and white roses, complemented by purple flowers and lush greenery, arranged in a reflective golden vase against a neutral background.
Vibrant orange bouquet featuring roses and gerberas with green accents in a clear vase, set against a white background with books on spa and records nearby.

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Close-up of a vibrant bouquet with orange and peach roses, green foliage, held by a person in a stylish hat, suggesting a sunny, fashionable setting.


One-of-a-Kind Bouquets

Designed in collaboration with NYBG and sourced from the finest sustainable flower farms in the world, The New York Botanical Garden Subscription captures the timeless elegance and historic beauty of the world’s premier botanical garden. These hand-tied bouquets fresh from the farm in less than 4 days, making for longer-lasting blooms. A percentage of each purchase supports NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation, horticulture and education.


The Inspiration

Founded in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the world. Its 250-acre verdant landscape and landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory support living collections of more than one million plants. NYBG’s LuEsther T. Mertz Library is an unparalleled resource of inspiration, with 11 million archival items–including some of the most beautiful botanical volumes ever produced–spanning ten centuries.

Bouquet of assorted flowers featuring yellow roses, white lilies, and daisies with green foliage on a white background, showcasing fresh and vibrant floral arrangement.
A vibrant bouquet of flowers with a mix of pink roses, purple blooms, and delicate white flowers, nestled in a brown cardboard delivery box against a white background.
Vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers featuring orange roses, dark red chrysanthemums, and lush green foliage, set against a white background for a striking contrast.
Vintage botanical illustration featuring a richly colored red rose with a yellow center, surrounded by detailed green leaves and a rosebud in the background.
A picturesque greenhouse with a glass dome surrounded by vibrant greenery under a blue sky with fluffy clouds, showcasing a serene botanical garden setting.
A vibrant BloomsyBox with an assortment of fresh flowers, including pink roses, white lilies, and purple accents, displayed against a white background.
NYBG | BloomsyBox
Beautifully manicured garden with vibrant pink and white roses, lush greenery, and purple flowers, under a sunny sky, with walking paths and a trellis.
Vibrant floral corner border with orange roses, yellow blooms, greenery, and a pumpkin on a white background, with space for text, perfect for autumn-themed design.

The Garden’s Mission

The New York Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plant kingdom.