Singapore Money Tree



White Evi
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Get lucky with the Singapore Money Tree! Valued by many cultures for its association to money and success in business, this hardy tree is actually multiple trees intertwined. The money tree's long indoor life and hardy disposition make it the perfect gift for any occasion, but especially for offices or businesses - or an ideal addition to your own home. Caring for your new plant is easy! Simply allow the potting media to dry out completely between waterings. If you notice leaves falling off, change the placement to a less hot or cold location (both extremes may damage the plant). Why Order Money Trees From BloomsyBox?- Proudly grown in the USA- Satisfaction guarantee or your money back- Instructions and information card included in box with every purchase. Shipped in a white 5 inch ceramic pot, this beautiful houseplant makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

*Measures 14”-16” tall and includes a 5” pot.