Golden Hour


A vibrant pink Phalaenopsis orchid with multiple blossoms on elongated stems, displayed in a sleek golden pot against a white background.
A close-up of a vibrant pink Phalaenopsis orchid, showcasing its delicate petals and distinctive labellum against a white background.
Elegant indoor plant with shiny green leaves potted in a sleek gold vase against a white background, with a measurement indication showing height as 5 inches.

This plant is non-toxic to pets, making it a safe and smart choice for pet owners.

Golden Hour is a charming 5-inch light pink orchid nestled in an opulent gold pot. Its petite blooms radiate elegance, complemented by the bold richness of the gold. This captivating orchid is a splendid addition to any decor, bringing together the delicate beauty of nature and the luxury of gold.

Includes a 5” gold pot.

1. Watering properly.
Growing 16”-30” tall requires just three ice cubes or 1/4 cup of water weekly.
2. Light.
These low maintenance plants enjoy bright, indirect light.
3. Blooming.
Blooms typically last 8-12. Once the blooms fall off, it will rebloom with proper continued care.

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Heads up! While the actual color of the blooms may vary slightly from what is pictured, you can rest assured that your orchid will be a stunning and eye-catching addition to your space.