Golden Gate Ficus


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Our Golden Gate Ficus come from China and have been created and trained to offer the best trunk movement. All of the trees are hand-wired to ensure a luxurious swirl along the bonsai trunk. It can add to any room’s aesthetic and make a space feel more alive.

As a tree with gorgeous dark green leaves, the Golden Gate Ficus is an elegant bonsai option. It flourishes indoors and is easy to culture, so many people count it among their favorite trees. It has a dense crown, smooth gray bark, and aerial roots that dangle above the soil.

This bonsai fits nicely in an 11-inch humidity tray and is easy to care for, making it a great choice as a first indoor tree. For the best growth over time, place it in a warm and sunny location, such as a windowsill, and ensure it has plenty of moisture.