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Our gardenias are shipped at is 4 years old

Featuring a fine texture like suede and gorgeous white flowers, Gardenias offer something for everyone. The smooth dark foliage completes a beautiful picture when featuring outdoors as a part of landscaping efforts. On top of that, the Gardenia has a pleasant scent that will waft through the lawn to create a space like a fairytale.

The scent from Gardenias has been used for centuries to create popular perfumes. This outdoor bonsai is sure to make all the bees and butterflies flock toward your home. It isn’t a delicate plant and can even handle light frosts when the temperature drops. As long as the temperature stays above 20 degrees and the space doesn’t get a lot of wind, the Gardenia will thrive.

Try placing the bonsai in an 11-inch humidity tray in a spot with a touch of shade once the danger of frost is over.