Fringe Flower

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The Fringe Flower bonsai is from the Himalayas and China, with broad leaves and fragrant flowers that start to pop up in May. The blooms are a bright pink and shaped like honeysuckle to create a magical feeling wherever you place the tree. This combines with the purple foliage to ensure an outstanding aesthetic throughout the year.

This evergreen shrub has a series of petals that look like small straps or fringe, which is where the name comes from. Hardy, strong, and resistant to pests, this bonsai is an excellent outdoor choice for someone new to these plants.

As long as temperatures don’t dip below 20 degrees, the Fringe Flower will make the outdoors its home. Set it in an 11-inch humidity tray, and it only needs average watering and a bit of shade to truly blossom and transform your yard or lawn.