Fringe Double Tulips



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If you like it then put a crown on it! Meet the ultimate QUEEN. This imposing flower, known as the Queensland Crispa in Pink is giving us all the boss vibes we need to start the day right. Do you consider yourself a fan of fringe? Then this is the flower for YOU! These bombshell blooms are packed with a deep rose color on the inside and slowly shift towards a lighter, paler rose pink on the outside borders of the petals, plus they have the unimaginable… yeah we’re talking about fringed edges, making them a perfect choice for the Spring season wouldn’t you agree? Ranging from 45-65 cm in size, these gorgeous tulips are known to bloom in the month of May, and from what we’ve heard, they are specialists in giving high doses of happiness to everyone who has them around. All hail the Pink Queensland Crisp!