Fantasia Foliage

Indoor plant with pink and green variegated leaves in a white pot against a seamless white background, perfect for a minimalist home decor theme.
Close-up of a Stromanthe Triostar plant leaf with vibrant pink, white, and green variegation, showcasing the unique pattern and texture of the foliage.
Vibrant tri-colored Stromanthe Triostar houseplant with pink, green, and white leaves in a minimalist white pot, measured as 5 inches tall, isolated on a light background.

This plant is non-toxic to pets, making it a safe and smart choice for pet owners.

"Fantasia Foliage" is a variegated Calathea Triostar, showcasing captivating patterns that exude elegance. Its unique foliage adds charm to any space, captivating with its intricate variegation and sparking admiration wherever it's placed.

1. Watering properly.
Calatheas prefer their soil stay moist – but make sure it isn’t too wet, or you could be in danger of root rot. They’ll need a bit more water in summer and a bit less in winter.
2. Light.
Bright, but indirect light is best. They enjoy warm temps, so don’t be surprised if they get upset in a cooler area of your home or office. They also enjoy more humid environments.

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