Elegant White Lilies


Includes 30/50 blooms | 10 Stems
Hand presenting a lush bouquet of fresh white lilies with green leaves and unopened buds against a clean white background, symbolizing purity and elegance.
A bouquet of fresh white lilies in a golden vase on a round table beside a glowing candle and stacked white books, near a window with green foliage outside.
Fresh white lilies with prominent yellow stamens blooming from a brown cardboard box against an isolated white background, symbolizing a flower delivery service.
Elegant white lily flowers with buds and green leaves, isolated on a clean white background, symbolizing purity and grace in a minimalist floral arrangement.

Some flowers, such as alstroemeria and lilies, may arrive in bud form. These buds will gradually open as they reach full bloom.

Introducing our enchanting white Oriental lilies! With grand blooms and velvety white and elegant petal, they captivate the eye. Perfect as a gift or personal indulgence. Delivered in a custom box with care instructions and BloomsyBox food for freshness. Experience their unrivaled beauty today!

1. Trim your stems.
Make sure to trim the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them in your vase with your flower food. This helps them hydrate properly!
2. Replace the vase water.
Keep your vase free of harmful bacteria that will shorten the lifespan of your flowers by removing wilted petals, removing leaves below the waterline, and replacing the water in your vase often.
3. Keep it cool.
Your cut flowers will always be happiest in cooler spaces. Whatever you do, avoid sunny windows!

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Heads up! It’s possible that your bouquet might include slightly different flowers or colors than the arrangement pictured. Each bouquet is a handmade piece of art that is made just for the recipient. We promise that it will be just as fresh, beautiful, and lovely to receive!