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What makes them special?

Longer stems

As the saying goes, when you want something done right, you have to take your time. Grown in the highest elevated hilltops of Colombia, BlueBlossom roses take an extra long time to fully develop, resulting in the longest-stemmed roses in the world.

Bigger blooms

Did you know? Colombia is an equatorial country, which means flowers grown there receive more hours of daylight than almost anywhere else in the world. Longer, sunnier days mean roses with larger buds with longer-lasting blossoming periods. Beautiful, big-headed roses that last longer, too?! Win-win-win.

Exquisite in color

Remember the high elevation we mentioned earlier? Higher altitudes mean colder climates and those chilly climates cause our roses to do some serious shape-shifting when it comes to their hue. With a BlueBlossom rose, you’ll often see contrasting colors both along the edges of the flower, and inside the petals. In other words, instant W-O-W factor.

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Discover the joy and beauty of flowers.

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