We offer flower delivery in Arizona for all occasions! Whether you want to show your appreciation for someone, congratulate them or celebrate a special moment, BloomsyBox has something unique and beautiful to offer. Our wide selection of flowers includes a variety of roses, lilies, daisies and more. With BloomsyBox flower delivery, you can brighten someone’s day with the perfect gesture

A close-up image of a person holding a large bouquet of bright orange roses with hints of yellow and red, with a plain white background.

Most Gifted

Free Spirited


A vibrant bouquet with orange gerberas, yellow roses, and a mix of greenery and filler flowers, cradled in a person's hands against a white background.



A vibrant bouquet of yellow roses with a fresh look and green leaves, held against a white background, suggesting a gift or a decorative element.

Yellow Rose


A vibrant bouquet of multi-colored roses including red, pink, orange, and yellow hues, held by a hand against a white background, symbolizing a diverse array of emotions and beauty.

Kaleidoscope Roses




$49.99 - $69.99

A delicate pink Phalaenopsis orchid with multiple blossoms on tall stems, presented in a simple white textured pot against a clean white background.



Beautifully pruned blooming bonsai tree with lush white flowers in a vibrant blue pot, isolated on a white background, showcasing intricate miniature gardening.



Vibrant green potted plant with lush leaves, standing in a white textured pot, isolated on a white background, symbolizing indoor gardening and home decor.

Zion ZZ


A person's hands holding a bouquet of blush roses and white flowers with eucalyptus and greenery accents against a white background.



Scenic view of a cityscape at dawn with soft light hitting the rocky hills in the foreground and a hazy skyline in the distance under a pale blue sky.

Phoenix Flower Delivery

Golden hour view of a bustling city skyline with modern buildings against a backdrop of distant mountains under a soft, pastel-colored sky.

Tucson Flower Delivery