Spiral Eucalyptus

Spiral Eucalyptus is a fresh addition to any arrangement thanks to its relaxing scents, blue-green color, and longevity.

Close-up of eucalyptus leaves and a small white bloom with a blurred background, highlighting the plant's natural beauty and delicate details.

Spiral Eucalyptus, also known as “Baby Blue Eucalyptus,” are tall, straight stems covered with pale green-blue leaves.

The plant may be most well known for its scent and use as a popular essential oil. Spiral Eucalyptus gains its name from how the plant grows--leaves on each branch wrap themselves around the main stem, which creates a spiral appearance.

Nearly all varieties of Eucalyptus originated in Australia. Almost two-thirds of forest land on the continent is made up of eucalyptus. In the Blue Mountains of southeastern Australia, plentiful Eucalyptus plants create a blue haze.

Silhouette of a bouquet with various flowers and leaves in a classic vase, depicted in a monochrome style, suitable for minimalist decor or as a subtle background element.


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A stylish gold vase with an arrangement of fresh eucalyptus on a wooden shelf, complemented by a white candle and lush green tropical leaves in the background.

This particular kind of Eucalyptus is perfect both on its own or included in bouquets of other flowers and botanicals.

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