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A symbol of rebirth and purity, lilies are one of the most elegant flowers found in nature.

Please be aware that they are toxic to cats. Since there are many plants that sometimes have the term lily in their name, but are in fact not part of the genus Lilium, the lily itself is sometimes called a “true lily”.

Carrying with them a storied history, they have an interesting story dating back to the myth of Zeus, Hera and the baby Hercules, the lily is sometimes associated with birth, rebirth and motherhood. Lilies also have specific associations with a variety of other cultures, such as in China, where they symbolize 100 years of love.

Like most other flowers, each type and shade of the lily is associated with different emotions: white symbolize purity; pink represent prosperity; red lilies symbolize passion; and yellow lilies represent gratitude.

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Orange lilies symbolize wealth.

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