Green Rose

Gorgeous and green! Roses in unique shades of green are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside.

Close-up of a delicate white ranunculus flower with layers of soft, ruffled petals exhibiting subtle shades of green, showcasing the intricate patterns of its bloom.

Green is a classic color that represents richness, fertility, and abundance. Gifting a bouquet of green roses shows cheerfulness and optimism! Since green is found in nature, green roses are often thought to symbolize the rejuvenation of life and spirit.

Cheerful green roses are the perfect flowers to show others you think positive things lie ahead in their future. Lush green roses can also stand for wealth and bounty.

Just like houseplants are said to bring good luck and fortune, so are green flowers. Also, in general, the shade of green is often said to evoke a sense of balance, stability, and peace. Green roses are also popular since they are so unique--you won’t find green roses at your local supermarket.

Monochrome silhouette of a bouquet of flowers displayed in an elegant vase, featuring a variety of blooms and leaves, perfect for a minimalist design theme.


7-10 days

Monochrome illustration of an abstract flower with intricate petals beside a ruler, suggesting a concept related to measurement, growth, biology, or nature-themed graphic design.


19 in

Monochrome illustration of a scientific atom symbol, representing an atomic structure with electrons orbiting around a nucleus, suitable for educational content.



Monochrome icon of a laptop displaying a flower image and text content on its screen, depicting online floral encyclopedia or blog concept.



Woman with long hair holding a large bouquet of pale green roses in focus, with a blurred urban background suggesting a city setting.

Gorgeous and green!

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Colorful assortment of flowers including pink roses, yellow daffodils, and white blooms arranged in a circle on a white background with space for text in the center.

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