You're just in time to get your favorite Anemone flower variety and make your house thrive with a gorgeous summer decor featuring bold flower colors.

Close-up of a vibrant purple anemone flower with delicate petals and a dark center surrounded by a ring of stamen, set against a blurred green background.

Anemones, also called wind flowers, belong to the Ranunculaceae family. And in case you were wondering, anemones are native to the temperate and subtropical regions of all continents except Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica, making them an easy-to-find flower almost all over the world! Blooming time extends from early spring all the way to fall. Here are some other important characteristics to know about this flower:

Light: Most species of anemones should be placed where they can receive at least half a day of direct sunlight. Some varieties thrive more in partial shade, but they should still receive at least four hours of sun daily.

Water: Make sure to water your flower on a regular basis, and most importantly, try to keep the soil lightly moist by watering slowly in order to allow the soil to absorb as much water as possible.

Food: Anemones will surely thrive best in slightly acidic soil and it is recommended that you plant your flower in moist, well-drained soil.

Silhouette of a bouquet with various flowers and leaves in a classic vase, depicted in a monochrome style, suitable for minimalist decor or as a subtle background element.


4-8 days

Simplified graphic of a flower with an abstract design next to a vertical measurement ruler, depicted in a monochromatic, minimalist style on a plain background.


12-18 in

Simplified monochrome illustration of a globe with scientific and technological symbols, representing global innovation and connectivity in a digital world.


Tropics & subtropic regions

Icon of an open book with a flower on the left page and assorted text and bullet points on the right page, representing literature or a botanical textbook.


Spring & fall

Make your house thrive with a gorgeous summer decor featuring bold flower colors.

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