Vibrant blue and purple flowers arranged near a succulent, with a glimpse of an ornate red and gold fabric, against a marble background.

Corporate Gifting with Bloomsy2B

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Bright bouquet of yellow roses and sunflowers with purple and white accents in a clear vase on a wooden table against a textured wall with a round wicker decoration.


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Bloomsy Original Subscription


Vibrant bouquet of red roses and purple flowers in a clear vase on a wooden table beside a lit candle, with a white frame and wicker decoration in the background.


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The NYBG Subscription


A variety of potted indoor plants arranged neatly beside a cardboard box, signifying a delivery or moving concept, against a clean white background.


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Plant Subscription


A vibrant bouquet of fresh white tulips intertwined with green fern leaves, held by a pair of hands against a clean, white background, presenting a natural and elegant arrangement.
A delicate pink Phalaenopsis orchid with multiple blossoms on tall stems, presented in a simple white textured pot against a clean white background.



Close-up of vibrant pink and white roses with red-tipped petals, arranged casually against a neutral background, exuding a soft, romantic atmosphere.

BloomsyBox Concierge

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