Flowers at Christmas

Whether they’re decking the halls, beautifying the holiday dinner table, or adorning your guests’ bedside tables, fresh flowers and Christmas go hand in hand! But, did you know Christmas flower gifts are becoming more and more popular? Instead of a boring candle or impersonal gift card, Christmas flower gifts are a fresh way to show someone how much you care. And, when it comes to Christmas flower gifts, the pinnacle is giving a flower subscription from BloomsyBox!

Why Christmas Flower Gifts?

There is so much to love about the holiday season! And, although giving our friends and family thoughtful gifts is one of the nicest holiday traditions, the actual Christmas shopping itself can be stressful! Choosing the perfect gift can be daunting, and with all of the other tasks we have to put on our holiday list, it can become very overwhelming. Although the going the route of the gift card can be tempting, it is impersonal! For a fresh gift idea--literally!--give flowers for Christmas! Christmas flowers and Christmas plants make amazing gifts for the holidays. And a flower subscription that allows the recipient to receive beautiful fresh flowers every single month is a step above the average flower gift.

Instead of just receiving Christmas flowers, the BloomsyBox flower subscription delivers beautiful fresh flowers every single month direct from the finest flower farms in the world. Because there is no middle man, the flowers arrive so fresh that the recipient literally sees them transforming every day and growing into their beauty.

BloomsyBox flowers are far superior than any flowers you can purchase at your local grocery store or florist. Sourced only from sustainable, Rainforest Alliance Certified flower farms that have been hand-selected based on the quality of their flowers, BloomsyBox flowers are healthier, longer lasting, and are as fresh as you can get.

Why Flowers Make Great Gifts

There is a reason why flowers make such popular gifts during holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. They make the recipient feel good! Everyone LOVES to receive flowers--that is pretty universal. Unlike gifts that you are not sure the recipient may like--Does she need sweaters? What type of perfume does she like? Does my mom need more candles?--flowers are always sure to please.

Subscription Boxes as Popular Gifts

As the concept of subscription boxes has exploded in recent years, so has their popularity as gifts. A constant reminder of how you feel about the recipient, subscription boxes make fun and thoughtful gifts. Flower subscription boxes, like BloomsyBox, are a unique way to give flowers as a gift, or to yourself, on a regular basis. Every week, or month, the recipient receives fresh, hand tied flowers straight to their doorstep. They are picked straight from the farm and each month, the arrangement is a surprise.

Although there is a subscription box for everything--from meat to makeup--the fresh flowers subscription box is a gift perfect for all kinds of people on your list. Everyone receives fresh flowers! And, receiving flower subscription boxes every single week or month is like a new present every time! Instead of a gift that is thrown aside or a generic gift card, fresh flower subscription boxes are the gift that grows.

Who Should You Send Christmas Flower Gifts to?

Christmas flower gifts make the perfect gift for a variety of different people in your life! Although it may be obvious that flower gifts make great Christmas presents for your Mom, sister, or daughter, they are also make wonderful gifts for many others in your life. Christmas flower gifts are thoughtful presents to give to your friends, employees. Since the flower subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, they make especially thoughtful gifts and serve as a way to remind your recipient on a regular basis how much you care about them.

Popular Flowers at Christmas

Roses (red and white)

Roses are always a popular choice for the holidays. In addition to being beautiful, each has a significance in relation to the holiday season. The festive, classic red roses signifies love and brings to mind beautiful poinsettias and holiday ribbon. Reminiscent of pure white fallen snow, white roses always had an elegant touch to holiday flower arrangements and will really give off that candy cane vibe!


There’s a reason why plants are such popular gifts for every season. The gift that keeps on growing, keeping plants in the house has been shown to improve happiness. During the gloomy winter months, giving a gift of a houseplant is also a fresh way to bring the green outdoors inside! Some popular choices include money trees and orchids.


Signifying purity and refined beauty, the lily is a popular choice in winter flower arrangements. Although there are several different types and colors of lilies, some of the most popular winter-time lilies include white lilies and beautiful, fragrant stargazer lilies. Some of the more unique varieties of lilies include double-blooming or “rose” lilies which are absolute show stoppers!


The flower of wealth, prosperity and friendship, the alstroemeria makes an appearance in holiday flower arrangements. A long lasting and hardy flower, the alstroemeria grows in a wide variety of colors including burgundy, yellow, white, pink and more.


The simplicity and innocent beauty of the carnation, and its availability in holiday colors like red, white, and “striped” red and white, make the carnation a timeless holiday flower. Paired with flowers like roses and lilies, carnations add a touch of sweetness. The “striped” red and white carnation in particular adds a candy cane-esque touch to any holiday flower arrangement.


Signifying strength, eternity and the unending circle of life, wreaths go together with Christmas like cookies go with milk. In addition to adding that holiday touch, evergreen signifies growth and everlasting life.

Decorating with Flowers

In addition to spending quality time with family and friends, sharing in cherished holiday traditions, and just taking in the magic of the holidays, one of the greatest parts of the holidays is decorating!

There is a reason why wreaths, poinsettias and other holiday flowers are so popular over the holidays. They exude the energy of the holiday season while brightening the home.

Hanging holiday wreaths on your doors, adding potted poinsettias and placing holiday flower arrangements in every room are a few ways you can decorate with Christmas flowers.

Flowers for Houseguests

As your house fills up with holiday houseguests, many hosts opt to brighten up their house in the quickest way possible--adding fresh flowers. By bringing the holiday season indoors throughout your home with festive holiday flowers, your home will truly give off that holiday energy. In addition to placing holiday flower arrangements in common areas such as dining areas, living rooms and kitchens, adding flowers to your guest rooms is a thoughtful way to make your guests happy.

As you can see, the holidays and flowers are a perfect pair. Whether you are shopping for Christmas presents or looking to brighten up your home for the holidays, BloomsyBox has you covered!
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