Wedding Anniversary Flowers By Year - A Complete Guide

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A wedding anniversary is one of life’s most memorable moments. The love between two people is a bond that is special and sacred. Couples often celebrate wedding anniversaries with specific gifts (for example, first anniversary gifts should be paper-themed, the second year should be cotton, etc.). In the same way, you can gift wedding anniversary flowers by year. Read on for a complete guide to wedding anniversary flowers by year.


1st Anniversary Flower: Carnations

The first year of marriage is an exciting new chapter in your favorite couple’s lives. Carnations symbolize love, protection, and strength — a perfect embodiment of marriage and their first year of building a lasting bond.

5th Anniversary Flower: Daisies

Did you know that daisies are actually two flowers in one? The outer petals, called rays, are one flower, while the center is a second flower entirely. The technical term for this is composite flowers — and isn’t marriage just two flowers combining into one? Because of this, daisies symbolize true love and represent five years of marriage.

10th Anniversary Flower: Daffodils

In 10 years, your favorite couple has gone through loads of changes — possibly a new home or two, a kid or two, maybe even new cars. Celebrate the joy and happiness they share by sending a bouquet of daffodils.

15th Anniversary Flower: Roses

Roses have been around since ancient times when they were grown for their beauty, fragrance, and healing properties. Depending on their color, they can symbolize different things. Pick the perfect color to match your couple’s relationship:

20th Anniversary Flower: Aster

The lovely aster represents wisdom, faith, and courage — an amazing descriptor of the traits someone cherishes in a partner of 20 years. This daisy-like flower comes in various colors, including pink, red, white, lilac, and mauve.

25th Anniversary Flower: Irises

Irises symbolize faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration. At a quarter-century into a marriage, your favorite couple stands firm, tall, and bright, just like an iris.

30th Anniversary Flower: Lilies

Lilies are a symbol of life transitions and remembrance. By this year of marriage, your favorite couple may be thinking about retirement, their children may have moved out, or maybe they’re thinking about moving to a smaller home. No matter what, a bouquet of lilies is the perfect symbol of their marriage.

40th Anniversary Flower: Gladioli

The 40th-anniversary flower is gladioli. They represent strength of character, remembrance, faithfulness, and moral integrity. According to lore, the point of the flower stem is meant to pierce a lover’s heart, leading to infatuation. This is a love to celebrate and the perfect flower with which to do it.

50th Anniversary Flower: Yellow Roses and Violets

A 50-year marriage is quite a feat. It’s so special that it has two flowers to commemorate it. Yellow roses and purple violets are complementary colors that symbolize two people who have complemented each other’s lives for the past 50 years.

60th Anniversary Flower: Make your own

There is no traditional bouquet associated with the 60th anniversary, which means you get to pick an amazing untraditional one. Here are a few ideas:

Couples often celebrate wedding anniversaries with specific gifts . In the same way, you can gift wedding anniversary flowers by year.

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