Introducing a Pet-Safe Flower Subscription

Thursday, July 29, 2021

BloomsyBox is excited to announce a new flower subscription! We designed this new subscription at the request of our customers who have furry friends at home. Using the guidance of the ASPCA, we’ve created a new subscription that exclusively features bouquets that are 100% non-toxic for pets.

Golden retriever dog holding a pink rose in its mouth beside a large vase of matching pink roses on a cozy indoor setting with a white door background.

Enjoy the freedom that comes with an entire collection of bouquets designed specially to be safe for your four-legged friends at home. With a BloomsyBox Pet-Safe subscription, you won’t need to check online lists to see what might be safe or hide away your gorgeous bouquets so that they won’t become a snack for your pets. You’ll receive the bright, fresh, and pet-safe flower bouquets delivered straight to your door.

About Pet-Safe Flowers

If you’ve avoided mixed floral bouquets for fear of what might happen, you can choose a Pet-Safe subscription and delight in the bright and bold floral arrangements that will arrive straight to your door.

Our Pet-Safe subscription includes carefully selected floral arrangements that will never have flowers or greens that might harm your pets. Common flowers that are toxic for pets include lilies, tulips, oleander, chrysanthemum, and amaryllis. To keep your four-legged friends safe, we exclude anything that might be toxic from our Pet-Safe y bouquets.

You asked, and we’re delivering to your door! We’ve been creating Pet-Safe flower arrangements at the special request of BloomsyBox fans for some time. With even more requests to develop Pet-Safe, non-toxic flower bouquets, it’s time to make these hand-tied arrangements available to all the animal lovers out there. Pet parents can feel confident knowing that they will receive a stunning array of flowers that are safe for their pets.

How the Pet-Safe Flower Subscription Works

Each bouquet in our Pet-Safe Subscription will be unique. Each bouquet is artfully arranged and uses the freshest flowers available. BloomsyBox will deliver your first Pet-Safe bouquet on the date you selected when you check out. Following your first delivery, your future Pet-Safe flower arrangements will arrive each month according to the delivery date of your first shipment. Our Pet-Safe floral arrangements come between Tuesday-Friday.

Pet-Safe bouquets are carefully packaged, arrive straight from our farms, and include a card with instructions for caring for your bouquet. Flowers may arrive in bud form, making for fresher, longer-lasting blooms. Simply add your bouquet to a vase of fresh water--you and your pets can enjoy beautiful, 100% non-toxic flowers.

Gifting a Pet-Safe Flower Subscription

Do you have an animal lover in your life who enjoys fresh floral arrangements but worries about which flowers might be safe? Gift them a gorgeous bouquet and the peace of mind that comes with a flower subscription specifically designed to be safe for pets. They will love and appreciate that you choose a gift that helps keep all our pets safe.

With a Pet-Safe gift subscription, you can select between a month-to-month, three months prepay, six months prepay, and 12 months prepaid gift subscription. At the end of your subscription period chosen, you will have the option to renew and continue the subscription. You may also include a gift message for your pet-parent recipient. Shop the Pet-Safe Subscription!

Our Pet-Safe subscription includes carefully selected floral arrangements that will never have flowers or greens that might harm your pets.

A curious black and white cat sniffing a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and purple flowers in a yellow vase against a light grey background.