How BloomsyBox’s Plant Subscription Brings Wellness into Your Home

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

If you’re looking for a way to encourage wellness naturally, consider adding plants to your home and workspaces. A growing body of research has shown that plants contribute positively to our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Assorted indoor plants including a polka dot plant, succulent, and snake plant in various decorative pots against a soft teal wall, creating a tranquil home environment.

With our BloomsyBox Plant Subscription, you’ll receive a new plant each month. With each plant, you’ll have less stress, more energy, happiness, and overall wellness.

Vibrant pink azalea blooms with lush green foliage against a white background, showcasing the natural beauty of spring flowers in full blossom.

Satsuki Azalea

House Plants Are The New Self Care

When you bring plants into your home, you can expect to experience more mental wellness. Studies have shown that the presence of plants is linked to less anxiety and stress.

Indoor plants help to promote creativity, energy, and increased productivity! People with plants in their homes report feeling more calm and relaxed. Plants can even increase your memory and attention span.

Bring a new plant into your home and create new, healthy habits at the same time! Try starting a gratitude practice -- simply list three things you’re grateful for every time you water your new plant. What might begin as gratitude watering can lead to other healthy habits like cooking, exercise, or meditation. In turn, your new practices will boost self-esteem and happiness.

Plus, adding plants to your home makes your space more inviting, enjoyable, and pleasing. Plants help highlight the importance of little things and help us feel more connected to nature.

Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are good for our physical health too. When we feel less stressed, our immune system is healthier, and we’re less likely to become ill. Studies show that when plants surround hospital patients, they recover more quickly.

Research has also shown that exposure to nature can lower your blood pressure. Did you know that the air inside our homes can harbor more pollutants than you might find outdoors? We often limit air circulation in our homes, which leads to less fresh air and lingering chemicals in the air.

Indoor plants help to purify and circulate the air we breathe. Plants help to eliminate pollutants by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen.

Healthy Plants For Happy Relationships

Indoor house plants can also play a role in supporting healthy relationships! When we invest time caring for living things like plants, we have a great appreciation for the other people and relationships in our lives.

People who have plants at home are more likely to be nurturing and understand the value of caring for their things. Plants can also reduce feelings of loneliness, improve your mental health, and lead to happier, healthier habits.

Bloomsybox Plant Subscription

Bring more wellness, happiness, and health into your home with the Plant Subscription from BloomsyBox. Each month, you’ll receive a new plant to add to your home. We’ll deliver your first plant on the date you selected when you check out.

Following your first delivery, your newest plant will arrive each month according to the delivery date of your first shipment. Plant deliveries arrive between Tuesday and Friday.

Your plant-of-the-month arrives in a white ceramic pot with instructions and tips for keeping your plants looking their best! Your BloomsyBox plant will come straight to your doorstep from one of our farms.

Gifting Plant Subscriptions

Who doesn’t want less stress, anxiety? When you give a plant subscription, you’ll be giving someone the gift of health and happiness. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

You can choose between a month-to-month, three months prepay, six months prepay, and 12 months prepaid gift subscription when you give a plant subscription. At the end of your subscription period, you will have the option to renew to continue the subscription. Each gifted subscription also includes a gift message!

Start creating a healthy home with a BloomsyBox plant subscription!

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You can choose between a month-to-month, three months prepay, six months prepay, and 12 months prepaid gift subscription when you give a plant subscription.

Sunlight filters through large green leaves of indoor plants, highlighting their vibrant textures and creating a tranquil atmosphere in a bright, airy room.