Flowers + Plants 101

Caring for Your Plants

Monday, July 13, 2020

Are you a new “plant mommy” and worried you have a brown thumb? Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to take care of your new plant?

Person browsing on a tablet surrounded by green potted plants, eyeglasses, and a pen on a white desk, symbolizing a modern work environment with a touch of nature.

Don’t worry. It is easy to care for your plants. Just follow the tips below, and you will be enjoying your new green babies for years to come!

And, since we always want your flowers to stay #blooming happy, we’ve added in some key tips to keep in mind to make sure your cut flowers also stay in tip top shape!

1) Keep the water fresh. Watering is also crucial for live plant care. Live plants need water just as cut flowers do. Without it, your live plant will die. Instead of changing the water out like you would for fresh flowers, with live plants, you just need to add a bit more every other day or so. BUT—and this is a big but—every type of plant is a little different. Your best bet is to Google how often to water your specific type of plant.

2) Indirect sunlight is best. Cut flowers do not respond well to direct sunlight, but this is the opposite of live plant care. Most live plants prefer a sunny location. If you put cut flowers in direct sunlight, the heat and sun can cause them to dry out faster. This causes flower wilt, which is never a good look in a bouquet. But, for plants, they need light to thrive. Just like for watering, it’s best to check online to find out how much light your specific type of plant needs.

3) Cooler areas are better. Keep your cut flowers in a cool area. If you follow our advice and put them out of direct sunlight, that will help. But, you should also keep them out of hot rooms, even if there is no direct sunlight there. Cooler temperatures will preserve the flowers. This helps them to continue looking nice for longer.

But, some live plants, however, love a hot location. Tropical plants like orchids prefer it. However, make sure to follow the recommendations for your specific type of live plant. That way you know they will thrive in their home.

4) Keep plants away from fruit and cigarette smoke. Both fruits and cigarette smoke release ethylene gas. Ethylene causes some foods to ripen more quickly or more often. The gas works the same way on flowers. If you put your flower arrangement near fruits or in the path of cigarette smoke, they can wilt extremely quickly.

Some fruits and vegetables release more ethylene than others. However, your best bet is to just keep the flowers out of a kitchen. That way you know that they will not wilt prematurely.

5) The stems should remain trimmed. You should always trim your flowers before you put them in water. Florists recommend that you trim at a 45-degree angle, which increases the surface area the flower has to take in water. You want the flower to receive as much water as possible.

Every time you change the water, cut a little more stem off the flower. This will reduce the length of the stem over time. However, it also ensures that no bacteria can grow on the stem. Don’t take too much stem off with each cut, a little bit will do.

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