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3 Ways to Keep Flowers Fresher Longer

Friday, June 23, 2017

Here at BloomsyBox, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality flowers that last longer than your typical grocery store blooms. Since our stems are cut to order and shipped directly from our farm partners to your doorstep (arriving in 2-4 days), most of your flowers will arrive still in bud form, giving you the unique opportunity to watch the flowers bloom right before your eyes.

A close-up of a bunch of fresh pink tulips with green stems and leaves lying diagonally on a white surface, showcasing the beauty of spring flowers.

While our flowers, by nature, tend to last longer, there are still a few tips and tricks that you can use to extend their life even further.

Here are our favorite three “Pro Tips” for keeping your flowers fresher longer.

1. A Penny for your thoughts tulips Ever wonder why tulips start looking a bit sad after only a few days? While tulips are rather durable, they start to appear “floppy” fast. It might seem odd, but putting a penny in the bottom of a vase with water will help to keep tulips standing tall rather than wilting or bending!

2. Know your angles While most floral displays and arrangements contain flowers with stems cut straight, you can prolong your blooms’ vase life by cutting each individual stem at a 45º angle. By cutting your stems at an angle (preferably under running water), you are providing a bigger surface area for the stem to “drink” water. Be sure to use sharp shears or flower cutters – not dull knives or scissors, as this can crush the stem and reduce the flowers’ ability to hydrate. We recommend re-cutting your stems every-other day to keep your flowers healthy well after they arrive!

3. Keep things fresh Fresh water is the key to keeping your flowers alive! Change your vase water as often as you trim your flowers’ stems, at a minimum of every two days. We also ship each BloomsyBox delivery with “Flower Food,” which helps to hydrate your blooms and kill unhealthy bacteria that grows in vase water. You can grab this blend at your local florist, should you run out. We also recommend removing any and all leaves that will fall below the water’s surface to keep bacteria from growing.

There you have it! By using these three techniques, your flowers will keep #BloomingHappy and exceed your expectations! When in doubt, you can always ask us for the best methods to maintain specific blooms.

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Here are our favorite three “Pro Tips” for keeping your flowers fresher longer.

Vibrant pink tulip elegantly displayed in a small blue polka-dotted vase with a soft-focus background of assorted flowers and elegant decor on a wooden surface.