Splendid Red Roses

Includes 24 Stems
A person holding a large bouquet of vibrant red roses with fresh green leaves against a clean white background, ideal for romantic occasions and expressions of love.
Vibrant bouquet of red roses in a golden vase on a stack of books beside a window, with a small coffee cup on a white tablecloth, conveying a cozy home atmosphere.
Vibrant bouquet of fresh red roses elegantly presented in an open brown cardboard box with care instructions printed on the side, isolated on a white background.
Two vibrant red roses with green leaves isolated on a white background, one rose facing upwards and the other blossoming open flat, presenting a romantic or celebratory concept.

This elegant red rose bouquet is the epitome of the timeless red rose with its traditional shape and subtle fragrance. The deep, shiny green leaves provide the perfect complement to the transformative unfurling of the rose’s iconic red velvet-like petals. Style the sturdy, long-lasting stems in your favorite tall cylinder or trumpet vase for a classic look. These extraordinary roses are shipped as buds and will bloom 2-3 days after delivery. An absolute classic!

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