Solid dark blue gradient background with light center, ideal for minimalist designs, backgrounds, or graphic overlays with subtle texture.


Kate's best bouquet design choices!

Celebrate the art of floral design

Kate's Favorites

Vibrant tropical bouquet with pink flowers and green foliage held by hands against a white background, showcasing a fresh and exotic floral arrangement.

Pink Paradise


Hand holding a vibrant bouquet of red tulips and pink hyacinths with green stems and leaves against a white background, symbolizing fresh spring floral arrangement.

Grown in the USA

Woman in a light-colored blouse arranging a bouquet of pink flowers on a table, with a warm beige background enhancing the soft aesthetic of the scene.


Take a moment to appreciate the art and beauty of floral design

Our Head of Product, Kate, is a professional florist with a passion and eye for creating beautiful bouquets.