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Where to Put Flowers In Home

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Flowers can really brighten up a home. In fact, flowers have been shown to improve our mood and emotional state. As 2020 stumbles to a close, most people could use a pick-me-up. There is no better or easier way to do this than with flowers!

Bright kitchen with natural light showcasing a vase of vibrant blue and purple flowers on a white countertop, with a blurred background of modern interiors.

But, ¿where are the best places for flowers in your home? What types of flower arrangements work best in certain locations? ¿How do you reap the best benefits of flowers? ¿Where do you find great flower arrangements for each season?

Best Rooms for Flowers

Let’s start by discussing where in your home you can put flowers. The quick and easy answer is that you can put flowers in any room of your home. They work wonderfully in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and pretty much anywhere else. If you look at decorating magazines and sites, you will most often find flowers in the following rooms.

Bright tropical bouquet with red flowers and lush green leaves in a white vase on a coffee table adorned with books in a cozy living room setting.

Jewel of the Rainforest

1) Living Room/Family Room

Living rooms and family rooms are probably the most classic location for flowers. Nothing adds color and warmth to these spaces like flowers. Often people will put flowers on coffee tables or side tables as a focal point.

You likely spend a lot of time in your living or family room. It is also the room most often seen by visitors. Unique and flashy flower arrangements work well in these rooms. Something like our Kingswood, Sparkling Grass, or Jewel of the Rainforest bouquets would be a great addition to a living room or family room.

2) Bedroom

Visitors may not see your bedroom, but this is another good place to add flowers. Try flowers with soothing scents or appearance in your bedroom. Bedrooms are the space for relaxation and sleep, and a well-placed flower arrangement can add to that ambiance.

Roses, especially in muted and calming colors, are a wonderful bedroom flower. Check out of Fringe Double Tulips, Pretty in Pink Roses bouquets for your bedroom. You don’t have to consider all rose bouquets though. Mixing sweetly scented flowers (like lavender and roses) with ferns and palms is one way to create a unique bedroom flower arrangement.

3) Dining Room

Flowers as part of a table’s centerpiece are extremely common in home decorating. This is a great location to put seasonal flowers. For example, an arrangement of summer flowers on a dining room table can make your home feel like Summer. Similarly, Halloween- or autumn-themed flowers bring in the ambiance of that holiday. And so on.

The sky is the limit when you are planning your dining room flowers. Just make sure that the arrangement is not too large. You want to ensure that you can see people on the other side of the table.

4) Entryway

Yes, we know this one is not a traditional room. But think about it -the entryway is the first part of your home that visitors see. If you use this entryway often, that means you will also get to enjoy your flower arrangement constantly.

Typically entryways are the dirtiest parts of our homes. Dirty shoes, coats, hats, gloves, and boots are all tramped through the entryway. Flowers can help draw attention from the mess. Who wouldn’t rather look at beautiful flowers than a muddy floor?

Not all entryways are large enough to hold a huge bouquet of flowers. But even a small live plant like an orchid, succulent, or Bali anthurium on a shelf will add some color and life to the entryway. If you have the space for it, a money tree is another ideal entryway plant.

Obviously, this was not an exhaustive list of where to put flowers in your home. Some people love to place flowers in their bathrooms. Orchids are an especially popular plant for the bathroom. Because they are tropical plants, they can handle the heat and humidity often found in these rooms.

Other popular rooms for flowers include the kitchen, outdoor patios, and guest rooms. We just recommend that you put your flowers in rooms where you can enjoy them too. Flower arrangements can be expensive. You don’t want to hide your best bouquets away in rooms that you never enter. To reap the benefits of flowers in your home, make sure to be strategic about where you place your bouquets.

How to Arrange Flowers for Each Location

Just as flowers can be appropriate in any location, it doesn’t really matter which flowers you put where. However, here are a few arranging tips that can help you match the flowers for each location. We’ve already given you a few ideas about specific bouquets to place in every room. These tips are a little more general:

  • Unless the flowers are in an out-of-the-way location, make sure to keep the arrangements small: flowers on a side table or shelf can be large and striking. If the arrangement is located on a coffee table, dining room table, or counter, keep it small. A large bouquet can obscure your view and even make the room feel smaller than normal.

  • Don’t be afraid of color: you will often see flowers in neutral or muted shades being used in home decorating. Yes, white, light green, and other similar colors match more décor. However, all that neutral can get a little bland. Infuse some bold colors into your decorating scheme. You can either choose to compliment or contrast the color scheme of your room. Bold colors and striking textures are a great way to draw the eye to your flower arrangement.

Unless the flowers are in an out-of-the-way location, make sure to keep the arrangements small. Flowers on a side table or shelf can be large and striking. If the arrangement is located on a coffee table, dining room table, or counter, keep it small. A large bouquet can obscure your view and even make the room feel smaller than normal.

  • Keep the flowers fresh: our flowers are the freshest around. Because they are shipped directly from the farm to your door, they are not old. There is no middleman in our system. You should still follow our care instructions for your bouquets. The best flowers in your home are fresh flowers. No one wants to look at a wilting or dead bouquet. Following the care instructions included in your order will ensure your arrangement stays looking good for as long as possible. You should also consider purchasing a subscription plan. We offer plans that deliver fresh flowers directly to you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Where to Get Flowers for Your Home

It is not hard to find flowers. Pretty much any grocery store will include a florist section. But, we do not recommend that you purchase your bouquets from a grocery store.

You may think that purchasing flowers online would result in old or dead flowers arriving at your home. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, our flowers are picked, shipped, and arrive at your door in 2-3 days (delivery times may be slightly longer at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic). That quick delivery results in some of the freshest flowers you can buy.

Most stores and florists have pre-made bouquets that can be up to a week old. That means you have much less time to enjoy your flowers. Unless you want to change out your bouquets constantly, you should purchase our farm-to-table bouquets.

We’ve already mentioned our subscription plans, but it is worth discussing them more fully here. Not only are they a great choice for your home, but they make great gifts as well. We offer monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly plans. With each plan, you receive a specially curated bouquet that arrives in a unique box with flower food, and care and styling tips. Whether you are an experienced flower decorator or new to using flowers in your home, we provide everything you need in our subscription packages. Try a BloomsyBox subscription today!

If subscriptions are not your thing, we also offer one-of-a-kind bouquets and wholesale flowers. Use the tips and tricks in this article to help you get started decorating your home with flowers. It doesn’t matter if you put a bouquet in one room or place them throughout your entire house, you will love how flowers can brighten your home and your mood.

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