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NYBG Makes the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The holidays can be difficult for giving gifts. Who wants another useless trinket that ends up in the trash in January? That’s why we think fresh flowers make the best gifts!

Vibrant floral arrangement featuring red roses, white lilies, and pink carnations nestled among lush greenery, displayed in two angles to showcase the bouquet's beauty.

BloomsyBox has partnered with The New York Botanical Garden to bring you amazing flower subscriptions every month that are inspired by NYBG and also help to support its mission.

Tulips in the Snow

Tulips in the Snow

Each month, our New York Botanical Garden Collection flower subscription box arrives with a new seasonal, hand-crafted bouquet curated with NYBG’s floral experts. Also included in the box is a special-edition, collectable postcard with beautiful, archival botanical illustrations from NYBG’s LuEsther T. Mertz Library, and special recipe flower food to prolong your bouquet’s vase life.

The archival botanical illustrations from the NYBG LuEsther T. Mertz Library are simply incredible. These rare illustrations have been collected from all over the world for decades to build one of the most thorough and meaningful collections of plant information. The beautiful images we send on each of our NYBG collection postcards is truly collectible in its own right. Who knows - you may encounter a rare botanical work that you haven’t seen before!

The Mission Of The NYBG

The New York Botanical Garden acts as more than a gorgeous garden for visitors to enjoy - it also actively participates and funds scientific research. There are over 100 PhD level scientists engaged in collaboration across the world to stay on the cutting edge of plant and fungal research. Furthermore, the NYBG makes gardening and horticulture resources more accessible to the public through the LuEsther T. Mertz Library as well as its incredible and knowledgeable staff. If you have a gardening question, there’s no better place to turn than the New York Botanical Garden.

BloomsyBox has partnered with The New York Botanical Garden to bring you amazing flower subscriptions every month that are inspired by NYBG and also help to support its mission.

Did you know the NYBG also makes it a priority to engage with its local community? In addition to capturing the natural beauty of New York with its unique location in the Bronx, the NYBG opens its doors to children of all ages to experience the transformative beauty of plants, both native and exotic. NYBG is always creating new programs to continue engaging the public both.

The Best Gift For Gardeners And Flower Lovers

Is there any better gift for a gardener and a flower lover than a monthly subscription box that sends fresh, beautiful flowers grown on sustainable farms right to your door and supports the mission of a pre-eminent botanical authority? (Answer: no! This is the perfect gift!)

Each month BloomsyBox and the New York Botanical Garden team selects a new theme and bouquet to build. Drawing inspiration from the gardens or perhaps an archival illustration, this bouquet is utterly one-of-a-kind and will never be replicated. What better gift could there be for flower enthusiasts?

You can also feel great about giving this subscription as a gift. In addition to minimal plastic and waste in the creation of the bouquet, a percentage of the proceeds from sales of the collection support The New York Botanical Garden’s work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education. What a difference that makes!

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