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New Year, New You. Taking Care Of Yourself

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A new year is here and that means time to reset and renew! Of course, getting active, eating healthy and staying organized are great goals to work toward in the new year—but we think taking care of yourself in the broader sense and focusing on total self-care is just as important.

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We’ve gathered some helpful tips about how you can make self-care a priority in the new year and beyond!

Put Yourself First

Although it is second nature for us to focus on important matters like family, relationships, work, and the day-to-day grind, this can be detrimental to our overall well-being. Loving yourself is paramount to happiness—and impacts everything in our lives.

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Surround Yourself With Beauty

Did you know that spending even half an hour a day outdoors has been proven to improve happiness and productivity? Similarly, surrounding yourself with fresh flowers in the home has also been proven to improve mood. By bringing beautiful blooms into your home on a regular basis, you will not only make your home or office more beautiful, but will be improving your productivity and positive outlook.

A BloomsyBox subscription is the easiest way to bring the beauty of fresh flowers into your home on a regular basis. Available on a monthly, bi-weekly and weekly basis, it is a no-brainer way to brighten!

Find Quiet Time

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, staying positive, relaxed and calm can be difficult. But, if you find time to carve out quiet time, you will find yourself in a much more peaceful state of mind! Things like reading a book, meditating, doing breathing exercises, or simply stepping outside for a moment of silence are all surefire ways to find a bit of quiet in an otherwise loud world!

Put The Screen Down

As technology has drastically evolved throughout the years, so has how much of our lives it consumes. Our smartphones, tablets and computers are all accounting for a hefty amount of our free time—not to mention how much TV we are watching.

However, not only can a large amount of screen time disrupt productivity, but it can disrupt sleep schedules and even impact our relationships. In children, it is widely known that a lot of screen time can cause problems with schoolwork and even behavior.

Putting the devices down and focusing on things like hobbies, spending time with family and friends, and healthy habits, you will without a doubt improve your quality of life!

Take Up A Hobby

Did you know that studies have proven that having a hobby improves overall happiness? Aside from exercise, taking up hobbies like gardening, crafting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, baking or art or knitting, for example, are awesome hobbies to try out! Have fun trying new things and don’t get discouraged if you aren’t so great at something at first or don’t like it--Try out new things and find one you like. Check out books at your local library to get ideas and learn everything you need to know. And remember, this isn’t about winning a competition, it’s about having fun.

Putting the devices down and focusing on things like hobbies, spending time with family and friends, and healthy habits, you will without a doubt improve your quality of life!

Getting Active

Yes, we all know that it is important to make physical fitness a part of our lives. However, many of us focus on how our body will change—how much weight we want to lose and muscle we want to gain, for example. But, changing our mindset to that of how much it will improve your quality of life—not just your appearance—will change your view of exercise. Think about things like how much more focused, invigorated and positive it makes you. Also, integrate quiet activities like Yoga into your workout routine to add a little reflection time to your day.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It’s common knowledge that plenty of sleep is key to good health and happiness. But, getting a ton of ZZZs can be difficult, due to a variety of reasons. There are a few different ways you can gain a more restful night’s sleep. Things like setting a bedtime routine on your phone to remind you when to go to sleep, meditating or reading a book before bed and putting down the tablet or phone will all impact your sleep patterns.

We hope you have gained some helpful information about how to carve out some me-time in your life. Remember, love yourself! Happy New Year from BloomsyBox!

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