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Corporate Gifting, Solved

Corporate gifts play an important role in the day-to-day operation of your business. Whether you’re saying thank you to a new client, showing an existing client how much their continued business means to you, or rewarding an employee for a job well done, corporate gifts help you communicate your message.

At BloomsyBox, we believe that your corporate gifts should be a cut above. Why settle for tired, trite gifts when there’s something different? Our bouquets offer vibrant colors, incredible scents, and incorporable beauty that will do the trick, whether you’re cementing a new business relationship or just want to keep your company top of mind.

How It Works

Our simple three-step process makes finding and sending the perfect corporate gift as simple as possible!

Make it yours

1. Choose Your Flowers

First, choose the flowers you want from our extensive farm-fresh options. Need a hand? We can offer suggestions and help you throughout the process. It’s never been easier!

On your own terms

2. Personalize

Who says corporate gifts have to be impersonal? At BloomsyBox, we believe that every gift can be personalized. We help you create gifts that your recipients will remember for years to come.

Your space, elevated

3. Shipped Farm Fresh

Once you’re done, we ship farm-fresh flowers and plants. We’ll work with you to ensure that our delivery schedule matches your needs or your recipient’s requirements.

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What Is a Corporate Gift?

Corporate gifts fall into many different categories. For instance, you might want to say thank you to a new client for giving you their business. You may need to recognize the loyalty of a long-time customer. You might want to show your appreciation for an employee who went above and beyond. These are just some of the many instances where floral bouquets, arrangements, and live plants can make amazing corporate gifts.

It's about more than recognizing excellence or saying, “thank you”, though. It’s about keeping your brand front and center in your customers’ minds. It’s also about positioning your brand properly and building loyalty. When done correctly, corporate gifts can dramatically increase the lifetime value of customers and clients.


Choosing the Right Corporate Gifts for Clients and Customers

Showing appreciation for customers and clients who’ve invested in your business is a smart decision. You can also choose corporate gifts that match the level of investment, from high-value clients to loyal clients who might not have spent as much with your company over time.


A Gloriously Beautiful Gift

For your most valuable clients, consider an extravagant flower arrangement. You’ll discover plenty of options, from tropical arrangements to classic lilies and premium roses. Depending on your client’s preferences, you can also choose from preserved flowers, live plants, and even genuine bonsai.


Something for Everyone

Don’t limit your corporate gifts to clients who’ve invested considerable amounts in your business. Every purchase is important to the customer, whether they’re parting with $100 or $10,000. Choose from gorgeous flower arrangements for any client, customer, or “thank you” level!

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Why Choose BloomsyBox?

Corporate gifting is equal parts kindness and strategic branding. At BloomsyBox, we understand how important it is that your corporate gifts are as fresh as possible and that they’re personalized to your recipient. We offer the widest selection of farm-fresh flowers to delight any customer or client, or for any other corporate gifting need.

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