Why Subscription Boxes are Here to Stay

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Subscribe to happiness - the uptick in popularity of subscription boxes has shown the world how convenient and fun getting regular deliveries of our favorite things is. BloomsyBox was the first flower subscription box to launch online - marrying the beauty and luxury of having fresh flowers around all the time with the convenience of regular delivery. This option has become extremely popular in the last few years, whether it be flowers, wine, coffee, name it!

A vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and roses in a black vase on a teal tablecloth, with a blurry television and cozy living room setting in the background.

Love flowers? Love subscription boxes? Read on to find out if flowers by subscription are right for you. Plus, you will learn all the reasons by subscription boxes are here to stay.

What are subscription boxes? Subscriptions are a popular choice for many services and goods. Subscription chocolates, subscription tea, and coffee, the list goes one, are all traditional types of subscription services. You may not expect that you can get flowers by subscription. But, you would be wrong. In the last decade, flower subscriptions have risen exponentially in popularity, and they are not going away anytime soon.

You may not know what comes in a flower subscription box, however. Like many of the other types of subscription services, subscription flower boxes are specially curated for you. They arrive on a specific timeline—our flower subscriptions are available on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. With subscription flower boxes, you do not choose the exact arrangement you receive each delivery. However, you can often choose the size of the arrangement.

As you are probably familiar with the other types of subscriptions, what makes flower subscription boxes so fun is the not knowing. They are a great way to get introduced to new types of flowers. Our boxes are designed so that the contents are a mystery as well. This means that the exact flowers in the box are unknown until you open it. What could be more fun or exciting than that!

Why are subscription boxes so popular? Clearly, flower subscription boxes are a popular option. There seem to be a lot of new flower delivery subscription services every year.

And it is not just flower subscriptions. A Forbes report from 2019 mentioned that there were 3,500 subscription box services in October 2018, and the trend continues to grow. The numbers from 2018 were up to forty percent from the previous year. We can assume there are many more subscription box services today.

Some products are more common to find in subscription boxes than others. Beauty products, food items, and even clothing are all common subscription box items. Even large corporations like Target and Walmart have gotten in on the subscription box game.

If you are new to flower subscription boxes, you may be confused about their popularity. What is it about a flower subscription that is so appealing? Many experts expect that subscription boxes are popular because they remove excess choices. It is a well-known phenomenon that the more choices a customer have, the less likely they are to buy anything. Subscription services take away the excess choices by providing products and goods that are unknown until the box arrives. Often the customer gets to mention their preferences, but they do not choose what goes in the box. The company makes that decision for them.

Flower subscriptions work similarly to all the other types of subscription services. They also share in the popularity of the subscription box. In addition to keeping the customer’s choices to a minimum, there are a number of reasons people love flower subscriptions. Below you will find five reasons why flower subscription boxes aren’t going anywhere.

1) They are fun and exciting. We’ve already touched on this one a bit, but let’s go into more detail now. Subscription boxes are just fun. Especially now. In a time when everyone is stuck at home, subscription boxes add an element of unpredictability to our lives. Yes, when they arrive will be predictable, but the contents will not.

Imagine how fun it will be to open the subscription box. You won’t know what’s inside, so every delivery will feel like a present. Plus, you will be able to choose how you use the flowers. Put them all in a single bouquet or make smaller arrangements to put around your home. Essentially, you are receiving your own DIY project regularly. The fun and excitement provided by flower subscription boxes cannot be understated.

2) They are educational. Unless you are a botanist, you are likely unfamiliar with the many different types of flowers. We all know the popular flower types. Roses, lilies, and tulips are fairly ubiquitous in U.S. culture. You may even recognize violets or irises. But, have you ever seen a bird of paradise flower up close? What about an amaryllis?

The experts at BloomsyBox will curate a special bunch of flowers for you every box. We use what is in season and fresh. This means that the subscription boxes are always changing and are governed by the seasons. You will receive boxes with flowers you know and those you don’t.

The variety of flowers used in the subscription boxes allows you to expand your knowledge of flowers and your own preferences. Perhaps you find you love carnations but do not like alstroemerias as much. The next time you purchase a bouquet, you will be able to put that information to good use. For discovering new flowers, subscription boxes cannot be beaten.

3) They are a great gift. Flower subscriptions make a great gift. They are appropriate for both casual acquaintances and loved ones. You can even give them as an office gift. Flowers are known to bring joy to everyone. So, giving a gift of flowers that keeps on giving is a great way to show anyone that you care.

There are a could of great reasons to choose a flower subscription as a gift. The first is that flower subscriptions continue to provide joy well after the event. Flowers in general make great gifts. But, a single bouquet will eventually wither and fade. A flower subscription takes care of that problem by providing new and fresh blooms for a longer period. Any flower lover will relish the opportunity to enjoy a continuous supply of artisan flowers.

The second reason subscription boxes make a great gift is that they appropriate for any person. Flowers show you care, but they do not have to be an intimate gift. Casual friends and work acquaintances can be gifts a flower subscription without you having to worry about overstepping the boundaries of your relationship. That does not mean that flowers cannot be given to loved ones. A subscription box is also a great gift for friends and family. Few gifts work for anyone. Flower subscriptions are unique in their universal appeal.

4) They are perfect for any occasion. Subscription boxes are a great gift that will work for anyone. Another thing that sets them apart is the fact that they can also be given on any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing the flower subscription as a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or in sympathy, it will be appropriate.

Subscription boxes are sure to bring a smile and brighten the mood, no matter when they appear. Even if you choose to treat yourself to the subscription box, it will be an important element of self-care. In addition to adding some fun into this stressful time, flowers are a great way to lift a person’s spirits. Additionally, they make our homes look and smell great, no matter the season. No event or occasion does not call for a subscription box, and that is an important reason why it is here to stay.

5) They are a cost-effective way to keep your home in flowers. A flower subscription allows you to purchase the plan one time and have fresh flowers arrive on your doorstep at regular intervals. You don’t have to think about ordering your next bouquet. And the bouquets you receive will cost less overall than a one-off purchase.

Our subscription flowers range from $39.99 to $54.99 per month. That may seem like a lot, but it includes more flowers and extras than you would get with a single bouquet. Also, shipping is free. We will go into what to expect from your BloomsyBox subscription more below. For now, just know that this is a cost-effective and convenient way to keep fresh flowers in your home at all times.

With a subscription box, you never again need to worry about ordering flowers. You can’t beat the convenience!

Flower subscriptions vs. flower delivery In this article, we have talked a lot about flower subscriptions. We also offer flower delivery at BloomsyBox as well. There are important differences between the two ways of order flowers. Neither is inherently the “right” choice, but one may be more suited to your needs than the other.

Flower subscription boxes are the regularly delivered boxes of unknown flowers we have been discussing all articles. They are convenient in that you purchase the subscription plan for a specific period, and your flowers will continue to be delivered without any input from you. Subscription boxes can get pricey, but you get a lot for your money.

On the other hand, flower delivery is more similar to the traditional ways of buying flowers. You choose the flowers or bouquets that you want to be based on our available options. Then you order and pay for your selection. If you have ordered your flowers from BloomsyBox, we will send you your arrangement directly from the farm. However, this is not a recurring delivery. You will have to purchase new flowers every time you need them.

Flower delivery is ideal for the single flower purchase. If you need a bouquet for a specific event or occasion, then you may want to choose flower delivery. For gifts or flower lovers, though, we recommend purchasing a flower subscription.

Flower subscriptions by BloomsyBox—What you can expect When you order a subscription box from us here at BloomsyBox, you can expect only the best. With each subscription comes an artisan-designed box, farm-fresh flowers, a postcard unique to your flowers, and flower food. If you’ve ordered the subscription box as a gift, it will also come with a gift note. As we already mentioned, delivery is free with our subscription boxes.

All of our flowers are sent direct to you from our Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable farms. We help the lives of our partners around the world as well as the environment. Plus, you receive the freshest, longest lasting flowers available anywhere. It is a win-win-win when you order a flower subscription from BloomsyBox.

We also offer a freshness guarantee. If your subscription box arrives with damaged flowers, we will replace them. Just follow the procedure outlined on our website, and the problem will be fixed in no time. You can learn more about the flowers available from BloomsyBox and our process here and here.

Subscription boxes are here to stay. The forty percent jump in subscription services between 2018 and 2019 is indicative of the huge demand for subscriptions. At BloomsyBox, we fulfill that demand for the flower industry with our flower subscription boxes. Now you can experience the fun, excitement, and beauty of a BloomsyBox subscription box yourself. Once you experience the convenience of weekly or monthly flowers, we guarantee that you’ll never go back to ordering a single bouquet.

Contact us today to learn more or to choose your first plan!

. Like many of the other types of subscription services, subscription flower boxes are specially curated for you. They arrive on a specific timeline—our flower subscriptions are available on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. With subscription flower boxes, you do not choose the exact arrangement you receive each delivery. However, you can often choose the size of the arrangement.