Sending a Sympathy Gift

A fresh bouquet of white tulips with vibrant green leaves and fir branches arranged in an elegant gold vase against a textured off-white wall.

With so many products to choose from, the process of picking a sympathy gift might feel overwhelming, especially when someone you care about is grieving. This blogpost details some of our preferred bouquets in the Sympathy Collection to hopefully simplify the process for you

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Wedding and death anniversaries may be the most popular anniversaries to celebrate, but there are other significant milestones to celebrate too! Consider festive buquets for.

Read on to find the Perfect bouquet for any anniversary.

it doesn't matter if it's your first or 50th anniversary, flowers make a statement - literally! But donn't worry. If the traditional wedding anniversary flowers listed below don't match your relationship style, choose something that does. A wedding anniversary gift is meant to be personal. After all, it's the throught that counts!

A vibrant bouquet of orange roses in a gold vase on a table with books and a black coffee mug, beside a softly lit lamp, adding warmth and color to the room.
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1st Anniversary: Carnations

The classic forst-anniversary bouquet is carnarions symbolizing love, protection, and strenght, they're the perfect flower to encapsulate your first year of marriage. Carnations come in various colors, s if red isn't your loved one's favorite, go for a color that matches their personality

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

By your second year of marriage, the honeymoon phases is over. you've settled into a routine that works for both of you. Second-anniversary bouquets are typically full of cosmos, a flower that represents harmony and joy- something you've worked together to achieve. Cosmos come in pink, orange, red, yellow, white, and maroon, and their blooms shape can either be bowl-shaped or flat.

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3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers

For third-anniversary bouquets, reach for a bundle of sunflowers. They symbolize loyalty and logevity, and their colorwill brighten any room. Sumflowers are also a great alternative if the traditional flower for any upcoming anniversary doesn't vibe with your loved one's personality.

Appropiate flowers for Anniversary of a Death

Whether you're choosing a flowers bouquet for a funeral, to send to a loved one, or to place an a grave, there are several options to honor the anniversary of a loved one's death.

  • Lilies: are the most commonly used flowers for burials on the western side of the wordl. They sumbolize purity and a peaceful state of innocence for your loved one. Lilies will last for two weeks in a vase, but for a long-term option, choose a peace lily.

  • Roses:tradicionlly symbolize true love, marking them an obvious choice for honoring a loved one. Red roses ar a funeral display respect, courage and love. Dark crimsom represents deep sorrow, grief and loss.

  • Carnations: are a popular choice for funeral wreaths, and they come in a variety of colors. Red carnations symbolize love, while white carnations represents innocence and purity. Pink carnarions are an excellent choice to cymbolize remembrance for a cherished long-time friend.

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