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6 Best Flowers to Send Mom on Her Birthday

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

She’s been there for you from the beginning. She’s hugged you, wiped your tears, and spoiled you with home-cooked meals for years. And now, she has a birthday coming up.

Young boy with a bright smile holding a bouquet of colorful roses in a sunlit room, conveying joy and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

What do you buy the mom who has everything? Send flowers for mom on her birthday, and you’re sure to create a buzz at home.

Flowers to match mom’s personality

Buying flowers for mom on her birthday can be daunting when you have so many options available. So why not match your mom’s birthday flowers to her personality? Here are six gorgeous bouquets to inspire your search.

Beach mom:

She feels best when she’s parked in a chair on the beach with a good book in her hands. Maybe she’s lounging by the pool with a cocktail nearby. Or perhaps she’s taking a long walk on the beach while she collects her thoughts. No matter how you slice it, your mom is one with the sun and the sand.
Give her a bouquet that will take her there in an instant. Think adorable pink pineapples, pink loofahs, and pink ginger plants surrounded by bold tropical greenery — all sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms dedicated to preserving the flora of the Amazon Rainforest.
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Girlie mom:

She’s on top of the latest makeup and fashion trends. Her shoes are on point. She has a perfume for every season and a purse that matches her ensemble. This mom belongs in the fashion magazines and lives for award shows.
Give her a birthday bouquet that will tickle her pink. We’re talking ten stems of pink Oriental lilies, a total of between 30 to 50 blooms. Their sweet fragrance will remind her of spring and give any room a dreamy feel.
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Always sunny mom:

Your mom lights up any room with her cheery disposition. She’s always there with a warm smile, a shoulder to lean on, and a tender embrace when you need it. She’s optimistic about who you are and where you’re headed, and she’s always the first to help in any situation. She’s pulled you through some tough times with her caring, happy heart.
Give your cheery mom a birthday bouquet that shouts “sunshine.” This sunny rose’s petite but strong blossom is one of the most sophisticated interpretations of the iconic rose. With 24 stems, this hybrid tea rose delights with a delicate scent.
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Party mom:

Your mom knows how to throw a party. She planned all of your birthday parties, graduation parties, and holiday parties to a T. She has decorations for any theme, she’s the queen of Pinterest crafts, and knows a good party favor when she sees one.
This mom is worth celebrating (and not just because she loves a good party!). Her birthday bouquet should have showy blooms, bursts of color, and timeless beauty. Celebration features 29 stems of orange Gerbera daisies, yellow balls, roses, and stunning purple Veronica.
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Classy mom:

She is style, she is grace, and she always has a charming smile on her face. She won’t leave the house without a bold lip. She relishes a good pantsuit and enjoys a glass of wine while catching up on her soaps. She knows the best restaurants in town, speaks confidently, and isn’t afraid to lift up other women.
Get this classy mom a classic bouquet of roses with a twist for her birthday. The pale lavender of this rose gives it a delicate, antique air, while its mossy-green leaves frame each full bloom. The petals form a pink halo around the bud, creating a beautiful profile as the rose matures.
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Flashy mom:

Your mom is not afraid to dress loud. Her home is full of carefully placed punches of color, has a boisterous laugh, and won’t shy away from sequins or glitter. People gravitate toward her at parties and all heads turn when she walks into a room. She’s confident, commandeering, and full of personality.
A mom this cool deserves a bouquet to match — 24 stems of rainbow roses are sure to please. These bold roses are grown in Ecuador and add a brilliant burst of color to any room.
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Flowers for mom on her birthday

Get mom a bouquet that will keep her and her friends talking for weeks to come. They’re easy to care for and sustainably sourced — and they’ll bring joy your mom will never forget.
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Send flowers for mom on her birthday, and you’re sure to create a buzz at home.

Young boy presents a bouquet of pink lilies to a smiling woman in a blue dress, sitting on a wooden floor next to a dark grey sofa in a modern living room.