BloomsyBox Florist Clippers

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You'll never use regular scissors again when you have the BloomsyBox Florist Scissors! We went to Japan to find the best professional grade floral scissors to bring you the ultimate flower care experience at home. 

As you know, fresh flowers need to have their ends trimmed every 1 - 2 days to ensure they last as long as possible in vases. The soft-sided slip resistant handle of the BloomsyBox Florist Clippers makes it easy as pie to clip even thick hydrangea stems. 

You'll love these florist clippers! You can even use them to swiftly clip herbs from your garden. 

This is the perfect gift to give any gardener or person who loves flowers, even an apartment gardener! Anyone who loves fresh flowers will fall in love with these elegant clippers that come in a recycled cardboard gift box. 

To clean the blade after you're done, simply wipe down with a damp rag or paper towel. Dry with a paper towel or towel.

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