ZZ Plant

For a stylish, versatile, and easy-to-care-for houseplant, choose a ZZ plant. Their fleshy, feather-shaped leaves add interest and color to any space. ZZ plants are ideal for low-light spaces like offices but add something special to any room.

Lush green potted plant with shiny leaves growing in a white pot against a stark white background, exemplifying simplicity in indoor plant decoration.

Even the most forgetful plant parents will keep ZZ plants looking their best. The zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant, grows in areas from southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa. These areas of eastern Africa are dry and drought-prone, making ZZ plants extraordinarily hardy and resistant to neglect. They started appearing around the world in the mid-90s and have quickly become one of the most popular houseplants in the world. Their broad, shiny, dark green leaves easily remove toxins from the air. ZZ plants accept low-light conditions and grow relatively slowly, which means they won’t outgrow their container for some time.

Light: ZZ plants thrive in medium indirect light, though they can tolerate low light conditions well. Watch closely for scalding or curled leaves. These signs may indicate that your ZZ plant is getting too much sunshine. In this case, try moving your houseplant to a spot with less light or filter the light with a sheer curtain or shade.

Watering: A root system of rhizomes is underneath the gorgeous, waxy-green leaves of your ZZ plant. These potato-like roots store large amounts of water that help keep your plant looking perky. Plan to water your ZZ plant about every 2-3 weekly. Increase or decrease this frequency based on the amount of light. Be sure not to overwater your ZZ plant---doing so will cause the leaves to turn yellow and the roots to rot.

Food: Your lovely and lush ZZ plant doesn’t need much to look good! An occasional application of liquid fertilizer will keep your plant growing at a steady rate. Liquid fertilizer is best used during the spring and summer when there is more light.

Silhouette of a classic wine glass spilt, with the liquid and glass depicted as simple geometric shapes on a plain background, symbolizing a spilled drink.


Only when it's dry

Simplified icon of a thermometer indicating temperature with a circular base and a rising level, presented in grayscale for a clear and minimalist design.


65-80 °F

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In Spring & Summer

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Northeastern South Africa

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It’s best to keep your ZZ plant away from pets and children as it can be toxic in large quantities.

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