Splenriet Bromeliad

Found in the tropical midst of Trinidad and Tobago, the Splenriet Bromeliad is a very good indoor plant option. Its attractive shape, yet strange combination of colors makes it a unique plant to have at home.

Vriesea 'Splenriet' is a Hybrid of Vriesea splendens, aka "flaming sword". Splenriet Bromeliad is native to Trinidad, eastern Venezuela and the Guianas.

These astounding plants were introduced to the European horticulture industry around 1840.

Water: When you notice the soil drying up at the top, it is a sign your plant and soil need to be watered. Tip: avoid over-watering!

Fertilizer: Feed your plant with a liquid diluted fertilizer from May to September once every 4 weeks. They can also be mist sprayed with a foliar fertilizer to provide the foliage with nutrients.

Temperature: To bring them in to flower you may need to keep the temperature up to around 75°F and then average room temperatures above 65°F at any other time.


Once a week


60-85 °F


In Spring & Summer


Trinidad & Tobago

Attractive foliage as well as a very colorful inflorescens is what gives this plant its main characteristic.

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